Jumbo Bag Filling Machine

Brand Henan Top Packing Machinery
Applications Various particles & powders
Weighing range 200-1000kg/ 200-1500kg
Power 380V/8KW
Warranty 12 months
Note OEM service is available
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Jumbo bag filling machine, also named ton bag packing machine, is designed to simplify and streamline your material handling process. The machine from us is perfect for industries that require efficient, accurate, and automated packaging of a wide range of materials, including granules, powders, and pellets. By automating the packaging process, jumbo bag filling machine can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Jumbo bag filling station
Jumbo Bag Filling Station

Performance features of jumbo bag filling machine

  1. High filling accuracy and speed
  2. All stainless steel machine body structure, durable and reliable
  3. Ability to handle a wide range of bag sizes and weights
  4. Adopt LCD touch screen, easy to operate
  5. Flexibility to accommodate different types of materials, such as powders, granules, or liquids
  6. Integration with weighing and conveying systems for automated processes
  7. Compliance with safety standards and regulations
  8. Customization service is available to meet specific packaging requirements

Bulk bags filling machine parameters

Weighing range200-1000kg200-1500kg
Accuracy grade±0.2%±0.5%
Packing speedPer bag/2~3minMin 15bags/ hour
Feeding methodGravity feedingAuger feeding
 Air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa0.8Mpa
Air consumption1 m3/h1 m3/h
Power   consumption380V/8KW380V/8KW,50hz
Machine size(mm)2000×2000×30002000×2000×3400

What is jumbo bags?

Jumbo bags, also known as bulk bags or FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), are large industrial containers used for the storage and transportation of dry, flowable products such as sand, cement, grain, chemicals, and minerals. They typically have a capacity ranging from 500 kg to several tons and are made of woven polypropylene fabric with lifting loops for easy handling using cranes or forklifts. Jumbo bags are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to smaller bags and drums, as they reduce packaging waste and improve logistics efficiency.

Ton bags
Ton Bags

Benefits of Using Jumbo Bag Filling Machine

One of the primary benefits of using jumbo bag filling machine is the increased efficiency they provide. These machines are capable of filling bags quickly and accurately, which means that they can significantly reduce the time and labor required for manual bag filling. This results in higher production rates, increased throughput, and lower labor costs.

Jumbo bag packing machine is also highly accurate, ensuring that each bag is filled to the correct weight and volume. This is particularly important for industries that require precise measurements, such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Additionally, jumbo bag filling machines are designed to handle a wide range of materials, including abrasive and difficult-to-handle materials. This means that they can be used in a variety of industries, including mining, construction, agriculture, and food processing.

Jumbo bag packing machine parts
Jumbo Bag Packing Machine Parts

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Jumbo Bag Filling Machine

When choosing a jumbo bag filling machine, there are several factors to consider, including:

Material type: The type of material you will be filling will determine the type of machine you need. For example, if you are filling abrasive materials, you will need a machine that is designed to handle these materials.

Bag size and weight: Jumbo bag filling machines can handle bags of different sizes and weights, so it’s important to choose a machine that can accommodate the bags you will be using.

Filling rate: The filling rate of a machine determines how quickly it can fill bags. This is an important consideration if you need to fill a large number of bags in a short period of time.

Automation level: Jumbo bag filling machines can be fully automated or semi-automated. Fully automated machines require less operator input, while semi-automated machines require more operator input but are typically less expensive.

Big bag filling machine factory
Big Bag Filling Machine Factory


Jumbo bag filling machine is an essential tool for many industries, providing a fast, accurate, and efficient way to package bulk materials. By automating the filling process, these machines can significantly improve production rates and reduce labor costs. When choosing a jumbo bag filling machine, it’s important to consider factors such as material type, bag size and weight, filling rate, and automation level.

Henan Top Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd provides professional packing & filling solutions for global customers. Our jumbo bag filling machine for sale is famous for its excellent performance and good price. If you are looking for a big bag filling system, welcome to contact us for more useful machine details.

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