Tea packing machine

Type Inner tea bag
Measuring scope 3~10g (1.6-26ml)
Packing speed 30~60bags/min
Sealing method three-side mesh sealing
Voltage 220V/50HZ/1.6KW
Machine size 900*750*1750(mm)
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Tea packing machine plays a highly important role in tea factories. Tea is an aromatic healthy beverage that is popular around the world. And tea packaging bags are divided into an inner teabag and an outer teabag. And the shapes of tea bags are a 3-side seal and pyramid bag. We have an integral tea packing machine completing the process of inside and outside packaging bags with a tag and string. Besides, inside tea three-side seal or pyramid bag packaging machines with cotton thread or not are provided, too.

And we also support outside tea bag packing equipment. You can select machines according to your actual requirements. Furthermore, we offer a customization service. Are you interested in them? Do you want to get more beneficial details? Contact us now.

Various types of tea packing machine for sale

Tea packing machine for sale is classified according to the bag style, inner bag, and outer bag. Our tea packing machine for sale is mainly an inner tea bag packing machine with a tag and string or not, pyramid inner tea bag packing equipment, and integral inner and outer tea bag packing equipment. You can choose an inner tea bag packaging machine according to whether you need a teabag with a tag and string. And the default inner bag and out bag are the 3-side seals. If you want a pyramid bag, you can select pyramid inner tea bag packaging equipment.

While an integral tea packaging machine adopts a three-side seal, automatically completing the whole process of filling tea into an inner tea bag, sealing with a cotton string, cutting, and covering the inner bag by sealing and cutting outside film.

Type1: Inner tea sachet packaging machine

The standard inner tea bag packing equipment is suitable for 3-side seal bags. It usually is used to package tea particles into sachets. The machine is equipped with a turntable with measuring cups. The spiral plate will spin continuously when it runs. Its packaging speed is related to the raw material and the bag size. On its control panel, the operator can set up its bag length and packaging speed. This type of equipment has the characteristics of simple operation, high automation, and durable quality.

Packing machine for inner tea sachet
Packing Machine For Inner Tea Sachet

Tea packing machine with inner bag parameters

  • Measuring scope: 3~10g (1.6-26ml)
  • Packing speed: 30~60bags/min
  • Sealing method: three-side mesh sealing
  • Voltage: 220V/50HZ/1.6KW
  • Bag size: Length: 50~80mm; Width: 45~80mm
  • Weight: 350kg
  • Machine size: 900*750*1750(mm)
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Note: Support customization

Inner tea bag packing equipment
Inner Tea Bag Packing Equipment

Type2: Inner and outer tea bag packing equipment

The packaging machine for the tea sachet with inner and outer bag. There are three roll positions. One is for the roll film of the inner bag, one for the roll film of the outer bag, and another one for placing the roll tag. Besides, the equipment also has a place for the string. When it finishes the inner bag making, a mechanical arm will take the inner sachet into the outer bag automatically. For different kinds of tea, the real bag sizes may be different if the packaging weight is the same, such as green tea and scented tea. When using this type of tea packaging machine, one needs to notice the outer bag size and inter tea bag size.

Tea packing machine with outer envelope
Tea Packing Machine With Outer Envelope

Tea packaging machine with outer envelope parameters

  • Model: TH-169
  • Measuring scope: 3~10g
  • Power: 3.7kw
  • Voltage: 220v 60hz 1phase
  • Inner bag size: (L): 50~70mm (W):45~80mm
  • Outer bag size:(L): 80~120mm (W):75~95mm
  • Packing speed: 30~40bags/min
  • Weight: 500kg
  • Size: 1750*700*1950mm
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Note: custom available

Type3: Inner tea bag with a tag and string packaging equipment

The tea bag packing equipment does not have the outer roll position because it is designed for the inner bag with a string and label. The packaging process is similar to the second type above, but the final product will be transported out when it finishes the inner bag packaging.

Tea packaging machine string and tag
Tea Packaging Machine String And Tag

Tea packaging machine with string and label parameters

  • Measure scope:1-10g
  • Bag size: 50-80mm (L),45-80mm(W)
  • Label size :(L*W) 20*28mm/ 20*25mm / 20*20mm
  • Packing speed: 30-60 bags/min
  • Dimension: 1250*750*1750mm
  • Weight: 380kg
  • Total Power: AC 220V50HZ 1.6KW
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Note: support OEM service
Packing machine for inner tea bag with a tag and string
Packing Machine For Inner Tea Bag With A Tag And String

Type4: Pyramid tea bag packing machine

This is the equipment for pyramid packaging. This type of tea bag packing machine usually applies to scented tea, such as dry rose, chrysanthemum, jasmine, cassia, etc. Unlike other tea bag packaging machines, it is equipped with a rotary sealing and cutting device to make pyramid-shaped bags.

Tea packing machine with nylon triangle bag
Tea Packing Machine With Nylon Triangle Bag

Tea packing machine with nylon triangle bag parameters

  • Measuring scope:1-7g
  • Packing speed: 40 bag/ minute
  • Bag size: Length 60-80mm, width 40-80mm
  • weight: 450kg
  • Size: 1310*1470*2110mm
  • Power:3kw
  • Voltage:220v 50hz ,1 phase
  • Sealing type:3-dimensional sealing
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Note: custom service available
The sealing part for pyramid tea bag
The Sealing Part For The Pyramid Tea Bag

Features of tea packing equipment

  1. Most body materials adopt strong and durable 304 stainless steel.
  2. PLC touch screen controls packaging speed, packing bag length, heat sealing temperature, etc.
  3. The outer sealing paper is controlled by a separate motor, running stably.
  4. Photo sensor inspects the position for accurate cutting and high efficiency.
  5. Automatically complete the whole process of bag forming, weighing, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting.
  6. Emergency button as a precaution to stop the machine quickly, improving safety guarantee.
  7. Multiple rolling films scrolls coordinate pulling and conveying films, moving smoothly.
  8. Custom service available

How to package tea into bags by tea bag packing machine?

Other packaging machines for tea

There are some other packing machines that can be used to package tea except the specialized tea packing machines above, such as the TH-320 granule packing machine, pre-made pouch feeding machine, vacuum packing machine, etc. The TH-320 granule packaging equipment is suitable for a 3-side seal sachet, 4-side seal sachet, and back center seal bag. In December 2021, the TH-320 granule packing machine for tea was sold to Kenya and received great feedback. For pre-made bag packaging, tea in the stand-up bag is common in the market.

Vacuum sealers for sale in Henan Top Packing Machinery include desktop vacuum sealer, single chamber vacuum packaging machine, double vacuum room sealer, and brick shape vacuum packing machine. If you need, welcome to consult us.

Applications of tea bag packaging machine

Tea packing machine has a wide range of applications in the packaging of green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, herbal tea, scented tea, lemongrass tea, etc. The separate tea bag is beneficial to store tea and keep its own aroma. And it’s convenient to carry and share with others. This concept of people greatly promotes the application of the tea bag packing machine. The tea bag is mainly an inner and outer bag. Filter paper is usually adopted to make the inner bag. Pyramid tea bags mainly use nylon mesh to package tea. While the outside bag is a film that is wear-proof.

Furthermore, the materials of film to package inner or outer tea bags are easy to seal and cut. There are various kinds of tea packing equipment optional. Meanwhile, OEM service is available.

Benefits of tea packing machine

  1. 304 stainless steel cover tea bag packaging machine, strong and durable.
  2. Multiple motors separately control different parts of equipment, running stably.
  3. PLC touch screen is simple to set up packaging speed, bag length, heat sealing temperature, counting, etc.
  4. Applying photo sensor to improve cutting accuracy and efficiency
  5. Multiple rolling film scrolls coordinate pulling and conveying films, moving smoothly.
  6. Emergency shutdown button as a precaution measure, enhancing safety guarantee.
  7. Four wheels on the bottom are convenient to move.
  8. OEM service available

If you cooperate with us, what can we provide?

First of all, our equipment is wrapped in a plastic film before packing, then put in a wooden case. Our professional technical staff will strictly test the machine before shipment and we will take a video for you. Secondly, we supply 24-hour online service, an English manual, and video teaching. Thirdly, if the machine has a problem when you use it, we will check what happened after receiving your feedback video from us. We will give you a reply and solution as soon as possible when we know what triggers the problem.

In addition, we will collect the evaluation feedback from customers in order to next cooperation. We will do our best for each client. If you want to know more information about our products, welcome to contact us.

Chats with client
Chats With Client
Customer feedback of quality tea bag packing equipment
Customer Feedback On Quality Tea Bag Packing Equipment

What is the tea bag packing machine price?

Teabag packaging machine price mainly depends on which kind of machine you select. Our tea packaging machines are inner teabag without a tag and string packaging equipment, inner tea with a tag and string packaging machine, pyramid tea bag packing equipment, and integral inner and outer tea bag packaging machine. Their price is quite different due to the functions of the machine. And the integral inner and outer tea bag packing machine is equipped with more devices to make the inner teabag with a tag and string, and then put it into the outer bag former by a robot arm.

Its cost goes up, and the price increases. Furthermore, extra bag former and date printer are optional for you. Last but not least, the freight depends on your distance from us. Therefore, the final price decision is based on the actual situation.

Contact us to start your business

Tea packing machine in Henan Top Packing Machinery is an inner tea tag without a tag and string packaging machine, inside tea bag with a tag and string packaging equipment, pyramid tea bag packing machine, and integral inside and outside tea bag packaging machine. You can choose and purchase according to your needs. Furthermore, a customization service is available.

We can design and manufacture tea packing equipment on the basis of your actual requirements. If you are looking for a reliable tea packaging machine manufacturer and supplier, it is a great chance to get in touch with us today. Looking forward to your message.