Multi-head weigher packing machine

Model TH-520
Applications Dried fruits, vegetable, beans, nuts, snacks, seed, coffee, candy, etc
Packaging speed 5-50bags/min
Power voltage 220VAC/50HZ
Dimension (L)1150×(W)1795×(H)1650mm
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Multi-head weigher packing machine is suitable for various food packaging, such as puffed food, chips, peanut, melon seed, coffee beans, broad beans, red dates, oatmeal, rice crust, popcorn, grains, dried fruit, biscuit, shrimp strip, etc. It adopts a programmable control system with a large touch screen, servo film conveying system positioning accurately.

Multi-head weigher packing machine is often composed of multi-head weigher and collar-type packing machine. The common combination weigher is 10 head weigher and 14 head weigher, working efficiently and preciously. Besides, we support customization services according to your requirements. Do you want to get more details? Contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Quality multihead weigher packing machine for sale

Multi-head weigher packing machine in Henan Top Packing Machinery for sale includes three types of equipment, TH-420, TH-520, and TH-720. They are different in the width of the packaging bag applicable. The TH-420 is suitable for 50-200mm width, TH-520 is suitable for 80-250mm width, TH-720 is suitable for 180-350mm width. Multihead weigher packing equipment usually consists of multi-head weigher and collar-type packing machines. Multi-head weigher weighs filling materials and puts them into a lapel packing machine that is used for forming bags, filling, sealing, and cutting.

The common combination weigher includes ten head weigher and fourteen head weigher. Besides, we supply double-head weigher packing machines and four-head weigher packaging machines as well. You also can customize the machine according to your needs.

10 head weigher packing machine
10 Head Weigher Packing Machine
14 head weigher packing machine
14 Head Weigher Packing Machine

Multi-head weigher packing machine parameters

Bag length80-300mm80-400mm100-400mm
Bag width50-200mm80-250mm180-350mm
Max width of roll film420mm520mm720mm
Packing speed5-30bags/min5-50bags/min5-50bags/min
Air consumption0.65mpa0.65mpa0.65mpa
Gas consumption0.3m³/min 0.4m³/min 0.4m³/min
Power voltage220V 220VAC/50HZ 220VAC/50HZ
Dimension(L)1320*(W)950*(H)1360 (L)1150×(W)1795×(H)1650mm (L)1780×(W)1350×(H)1950mm

Characteristics of multi-head weigher packing machine

  1. Reasonable design, high automation, simple to operate
  2. Run stably, weighing efficiently and preciously, positioning accurately
  3. Equipped with a programmable control system and large touch screen, visual and understandable
  4. The servo film conveying system is sensitive to film position and easy to package neatly and smoothly.
  5. Adopt food-grade stainless steel, clean and hygienic.
  6. It automatically completes coding(optional), weighing, filling, bag forming, sealing, cutting, and counting.
  7. Optional device to match: Z-type conveyor, output conveyor, date printer, chain bag device, nitrogen filling device, a hole puncher device, etc.
  8. OEM service available

How does multi-head scale packing machine work?

Various applications of multihead weigher packing machine

Multi-head weigher packing machine is perfectly applied for packaging various foods, medicines, industrial components, and other granular items. Applicable granular food includes puffed food, coffee beans, peanuts, melon seeds, candy, dry fruit, red dates, snacks, grains, popcorn, oatmeal, chips, shrimp strip, prawn cracker, onion rings, rice crust, etc. For puffed food, you can choose a nitrogen filling device to exhaust the air in the packaging bag in order to extend storage time and keep the taste. The packaging weight can be up to 3kg per bag. The equipment with multiple heads works efficiently and accurately, and the error is less than one gram.

Combination weigher packing machine structure

Multi-head weigher packing machine structure
Multi-Head Weigher Packing Machine Structure

Multi-head weigher packing machine structure includes vibrating Z-type feeding machine, working platform, Z-type conveyor, combination weigher, packing machine, and output conveyor. The vibrating feeding machine makes material fill into the Z-type conveyor that transports material to multi-head weigher for weighing. Lapel packing machine coding on the packaging film, forming bag, filling material into the bag, sealing, cutting, and counting. There is a lower pallet as a cushion on the bottom of the packaging machine. An output conveyor is used for conveying finished products out.

Among them, Z-type conveyor, date printer, output conveyor are optional. Besides, we provide nitrogen filling devices, continuous bag devices, and a hole puncher device. And custom service is available based on your needs. If you are interested in it, you can get in touch with us today and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Z type conveyor
Z Type Conveyor
Vibrating loading material
Vibrating Loading Material
The front and back of the lapel packing machine
The Front And Back Of The Lapel Packing Machine
Output conveyors
Output Conveyors

Main parts of multi-head combination packaging equipment show

Ten-head weighing & feeding system
Ten-Head Weighing &Amp; Feeding System
Feeding material system
Feeding Material System
Ten head weigher
Ten Head Weigher
Packaging system by pneumatic drive
Packaging System By Pneumatic Drive
Double servo film conveying blets
Double Servo Film Conveying Blets
The pallet as a cushion
The Pallet As A Cushion

As a packing machine manufacturer and supplier, Henan Top Packing Machinery provides a variety of packaging machines, such as granule packing machine, powder packaging machine, liquid filling and packing machine, paste filling and packaging machine, vacuum sealer, pillow packing machine, capping machine, sealing machine, labeling machine, etc. What filling material do you want to package? Powder, granule, liquid, paste, or pieces? Do you need these machines? If you are interested in them, get in touch with us to get more details and the best price. And we will reply to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to your contact form, email, message, or phone.

Multihead weigher machine in the factory

Multi-head weigher packing equipment in factory
Multi-Head Weigher Packing Equipment In Factory
Multi-head scale packer in factory display
Multi-Head Scale Packer In Factory Display