Automatic round bottle labeling machine

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Automatic round bottle labeling machine is the equipment that can paste rolls of sticker paper label on the round bottles. The labels include a whole label or double labels around the circumference of the bottle. It is suitable for various bottles, referring to plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, etc. It’s equipped with a PLC touch screen that controls using language, labeling speed, labeling bottle counting, production clear, label output test, lock bottle test parameter setting, etc. Besides, we also supply bottle unscrambler, automatic liquid or paste filling and packaging machine, conveyor belt, screw capping machine, date printer, etc. Meanwhile, OEM service is available in accordance with your actual requirements. Contact us to get more details and the best price.

Automatic round bottle labeler
automatic round bottle labeler

Structures of automatic round bottle labeling machine

Automatic round bottle labeling machine consists of PLC touch screen, labeling engine, reels, separate bottle device with bottle stop wheel, electrical cabinet, roll label device, output conveyor, etc. Its body adopts durable stainless steel. Set up using language, running speed of separate bottle device, labeling time, etc. on PLC touch screen, which can display total production, labeling counting. The labels pass through the reels driven by the motor. Bottles on the conveyor belt are separated by the stop wheel. The sizes of the components of the automatic bottle labeling machine are customized on the basis of your needs. Do you want to get more information? Get in touch with us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Structure of automatic round bottle labeling machine
structure of automatic round bottle labeling machine

Features & benefits

  1. Simple structure to install, operate, and maintain.
  2. Run stably, reasonable design, low noise, efficiently and accurately.
  3. PLC touch screen is easy to operate.
  4. Conveyor belt width, labeling wheel width, and height are adjustable.
  5. Four wheels or fixed bottom optional
  6. Customization service available

Automatic round bottle labeler working video

Various applications of automatic round bottle labeling equipment

Automatic round bottle packing machine is suitable for plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, etc., widely applied in the industries of food, beverage, daily necessaries, medicine, sauces, cosmetics, chemicals, and so on. In our daily life, it’s common to see bottles of water, beer, wine, oil, spice, souse, medicine, milk, snacks cans, etc. An automatic round bottle labeler not only can stick a whole label around the bottle but also can paste two labels on the front and the back. Besides, it can match with other machines working, such as bottle unscrambler, automatic liquid filling, packaging machine, conveyor belt, screw capping machine, date printer, etc. These machines working together can highly improve production automation. If you are looking for them, get in touch with us for more information and the best price.

Labeling machines for all kinds of round bottles
labeling machines for all kinds of round bottles

Operating procedures

  1. Install labels according to the diagram and adjust the height of each part.
  2. Check whether the position of label is right or not.
  3. Adjust the width of separate bottle device.
  4. Connect the power source, open the switch of photoelectric detector.  
  5. Open the switch of motor and label sending, testing the machine. If it’s something wrong, correct it.
  6. After ensuring the equipment is without fault, you can use it to start producing.
  7. Disconnect the power source when you do not use it.


  • Before turning on the power, check whether all parts of the machine are installed in place.
  • Make sure ground wire connect when using.
  • Pay attention to whether the direction of labels can be suitable for the equipment.
  • Be sure to flatten and tense the labels.
  • Make photoelectric detector incorrect position, otherwise, the sticking label is not smooth.
  • Ensure the feeding bottle transportation and the the path of the label are unobstructed.

As a machine manufacturer and supplier, besides automatic round bottle labeling machine, we also provide flat bottle labeling machine, small bottle labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine for short labels, flat boxes or bag labeling machine, manual round bottle labeling machine, etc. The flat bottle labeler can stick one flat side or two flat sides optional. Small bottle labeler is suitable for small objects, like lipsticks, solid gum, cosmetic samples with round bottles, and so on. Manual round bottle labeling machine, also called semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine, needs people put bottle on the position of labeling by hand. Furthermore, we provide customization services according to your specific requirements. If you are interested in them, welcome to contact us to get more details.