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Name Oil filling sealing machine
Warranty 12 months
Note OEM service available
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Oil packing machine is suitable for packaging various kinds of oils, such as edible oil, engine oil, lubricant oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, canola oil, sesame oil, essential oil, etc. The oil pouch packing machine and oil bottle packaging machine are available. The oil bag packaging equipment is fully automatic equipment that can complete the whole process of bag forming, metering, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting. While the bottled oiled filling machine can be used with a screw capping machine and labeling machine to compose a production line.

Various volumes of oil packaging are optional, you can choose and purchase based on your needs. For standard oil packaging machines, we usually keep some stocks so that we can deliver the equipment as soon as possible. Furthermore, we supply customization services according to your actual requirements. Are you interested in them? Contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Introduction of various oil packing machines

There are mainly three kinds of oil packaging machines, automatic liquid oil bag packaging machine, small semi-auto oil filling machine, and multi-head oil filling and packing machine. The first type is one kind of vertical pouch packaging machine. The second one is a small filler, occupying a small space. While the third kind is equipped with multiple heads for filling material to bottles, efficiently and accurately. They all adopt a liquid pump for controlling the filling volume. And different scopes of packaging volume for choosing. The common filling scope of the liquid pump has 1-10ml, 10-100ml, 100-1000ml, 5-50ml, 50-500ml, 500-5000ml, 3-30ml, 30-300ml, 300-3000ml, 1000-5000ml, etc.

Type1: Small oil pouch packing machine for sale

It consists of a film former, a control panel with a PLC touch screen, film pulling, filling pump, a bag maker, sealing and cutting device, etc. It’s covered by stainless steel, durable, and easy to clean. The operator can set up using language, sealing temperature, bag length, and other parameters on the control panel. The film pulling device control bag length precisely. There is a variety of filling pumps optional. Our customers can choose the suitable one according to the filling volume. Besides, the equipment can make back seal center bags, 3-side seal sachets, or 4-side seal sachets by matching with a different kind of bag former.

Oil pouch packaging machine
Oil Pouch Packaging Machine

Technical data of the oil bag packaging equipment

Bag Styleback seal/3-side seal/4-side sealback seal/3-side seal /4-side seal
Packing Speed32-72bags/min or 50-100bags/min20-80bags/min
Bag Length30-180mm30-180mm
Bag Width20-145mm(need to replace the former)20-200mm
Power Consumption1.8kw1.8kw

This table does not contain the parameter of the filling pumps. The filling scope is decided by the bag size and the scope of the liquid pump.

How to package oil by the automatic liquid pouch packing machine?

Type2: Semi-automatic oil bottle filling machine for sale

A small semi-auto oil filling machine is composed of one outlet, feed pipe, speed regulator, cylinder, emergency switch, jog automatic switch, barometer, footswitch. It is made of stainless steel, accurate filling without clogging, removable for cleaning and maintenance. It adopts scale measurement so as to fill accurately. The equipment components are all pneumatic devices and need to be equipped with another air compressor as the air source, the air pressure control filling is more accurate. The filling volume can be adjusted at will, and the operation is simple and easy to understand. The equipment occupies a small space, low cost. An emergency switch is designed as one of the safety precautions.

Semi-automatic oil filling machine
Semi-Automatic Oil Filling Machine
The structure of single semi-automatic filling machine
The Structure Of A Single Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

Type3: Multi-head oil bottle packing machine for sale

The equipment adopts a servo motor to control the speed of the equipment to realize the position movement of the quantitative cylinder. The quantification filling process is accurate and reliable. Through the gear transmission system and the DC motor, the height adjustment of the bottle shape can be realized simply by the function of the high and low lifting buttons when the bottle shape is switched. It can get results close to manual canning. Working efficiently and accurately, canned evenly. Besides, it also can match with some other machines, such as unscramble bottle machine, screwing cap machine, date printer, etc.

The real filling video of multi-nozzle liquid filling machine

Benefits of oil packing machine

  1. Simple structure, reasonable design, easy to install, operate, and maintain.
  2. Run stably, low noise, efficient and accurate.
  3. Adopt stainless steel, durable and easy to clean.
  4. Equipped with output, feed pipe, cylinder, convenient for feeding and filling material.
  5. The volume of filling material is adjustable.
  6. Emergency button is designed as one of the safety precautions.
  7. Small semi-automatic oil filling machine occupies small space, low cost.
  8. Automatic oil sachet packing machine can complete bag making, weighing, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting.
  9. Custom service available.

Bottled oil production line

The multi-spout oil filling machine can compose a packaging line with an unscramble bottle machine, screw capping machine, labeler, coding machine, etc. This production line can realize a fully automatic filling process. It’s suitable for mass production.

Liquid oil filling, capping, and labeling line working video

What is the oil packing machine price?

Oil packaging machine price is mainly related to which kind of equipment you choose, the dimensions of the equipment, and shipping costs.

Firstly, our products about oil packaging machines for sale are oil pouch packing machine, semi-auto filling machine, and oil bottle filling and packing machine. The three kinds of machines differ in price. For the same kind of equipment, the prices of different dimensions are different.

Secondly, generally large oil packaging machine price is higher than the small oil packing machine price, but it’s not absolute.

Thirdly, freight is also a factor that has an influence on the price. The shipping costs depend on the area you live in. Besides, the customized machine price is determined by the actual situation. Do you want to get the best price? Welcome to contact us to get a free quotation and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Applications of oil packaging machine

Oil packing machine has a wide application in lots of oil industries. They mainly are used to package cooking oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, canola oil, sesame oil, essential oil, engine oil, lubricant oil, etc. The packaging types include both bags and bottles. The filling volumes are adjustable. And the liquid packing machine not only packages oil, but also mineral water, milk, beverages, fruit juice, soda water, soy milk, yogurt, wine, beer, and so on. Its wide applications make it popular in the market.

Why choose us as your top supplier?

  1. Founded in 1992, we have skilled staff to design, research, and manufacture machines. Our products have been exported to over 80 counties and regions, such as the US, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Congo, Ghana, Kuwait, Japan, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Russia, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Kenya, Nigeria, etc.
  2. We have a strict inspection system for every machine. Before shipment, we will send photos and videos to you. If the machine has a problem when you use it, we will give the solution as soon as we receive your feedback. We will do our best to solve the problem.
  3. We are a manufacturer and supplier, and we can support customization services according to your specific requirements and the best price.

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Our company mainly has three kinds of oil packaging machines for sale, automatic liquid oil bag packaging machine, small semi-auto oil filling machine, multi-head oil bottle filling, and packing machine. And they can be equipped with a hopper, screw cap machine, air compressor, labeling machine, date printer, etc. You can choose and purchase in accordance with your needs. Besides liquid oil packing equipment, we also supply powder packaging machines, granule packing machines, chain bucket packing machines, multi-head weigher granule packing machines, vacuum packaging machines, pillow packing machines, etc. Are you interested in these machines? Get in touch with us and our professional will provide useful suggestions for packing solutions.