Automatic capping machine

Name Automatic bottle capping machine
Power 300W
Voltage AC220V/50hz
Applicable sizes of caps 15 – 70 mm 40-100mm
Capping speed 0 – 40 bottles/min
Weight 108kg
Dimension 3500*470*1600mm
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Automatic capping machine is suitable for various plastic round caps with screw threads. It widely applies to many foods, beverages, daily necessities, cosmetics, medicines, oil, etc. The equipment adopts stainless steel, which is durable and convenient for maintenance. The automatic capping machine with four frictional wheels rotates and tightens round caps through ordinary motor. The capping speed is adjustable based on the production output. Besides, we support OEM service according to your requirements.

Automatic capping machine
Automatic Capping Machine

Automatic capping machine parameter

Applicable sizes of caps15 – 70 mm   40-100mm
Capping speed0 – 40 bottles/min
Diameter of bottles50 – 280 mm
Air pressure0.4 – 0.6 MPa

Features of automatic capping machine

  1. Compact structure, reasonable design, occupied small space, simple to operate
  2. Run stably, putting lids automatically, tightening firmly, locking cover efficiently
  3. It’s equipped with a touch screen display that can adjust the running speed of the conveyor belt.
  4. Many usages are optional: independent use or matching with filling machine, labeling machine, date printer, etc.
  5. The main motor adopts exported frequency converter with the function of no grade adjustment speed.
  6. Customization service is available.

Wide applications of automatic screw capper

Automatic capping machine is usually used for various bottles with plastic round caps, widely applied to candy, snacks, water, juice, milk, yogurt, honey, oil, liquid detergent, sanitizer, shampoo, cosmetics, medicines, pesticide, etc. It also can match with filling machine and labeling machine to compose production line. Do you want to know more details? Get in touch with us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Applications of automatic capping equipment
Applications Of Automatic Capping Equipment

Automatic capping machine structure

The capping equipment consists of a touch screen, conveyor belt with baffle, ordinary motor, stepper motor, four frictional wheels, pressure cap wid, height adjustment wheel of the frictional wheel, side conveyor belt, height adjustment wheel for putting bottles conveyor belt, wide adjustment wheel for putting bottles conveyor belt, etc. Its body is made of stainless steel.

Some details of the capping equipment

  • Frictional wheels

The cap is screwed tightly by the frictional wheels under the control of the motor. The four-jaw frictional wheels clamp and rotate the plastic screw cap when the detector checks the bottle for capping.

  • Photoelectric eye

The photoelectric eye is used to detect the bottle. When it detects the bottle, the frictional wheels will start to work.

  • Press cap widget

A small widget in the four-jaw frictional wheels can press the bottle cap to prevent the bottle from slipping during the screwing process. So the equipment is suitable for harder bottles.

  • Conveyor belt and motor

The conveyor belt moves through the driving of the motor, and customization service is available for the conveyor belt according to the size of the bottles or cans.

  • Frictional wheel height adjustment wheel

Frictional wheel height adjustment wheel can adjust the height of the four-jaw frictional wheel based on the height of the bottle mouth.

  • Side conveyor belt and adjusting device

The side conveyor belt is driven by a stepping motor, which can accurately feed the bottles under the four-jaw screw wheel. The width adjustment wheel of the bottle conveyor belt can adjust the width of the side baffle to facilitate the clamping of the bottle to be screwed. The height adjustment wheel for the conveyor belt can adjust the height of the side conveyor belt.

  • Touch screen

The touch screen can set up the running speed of the conveyor belt, the duration of capping, and the running distance of the side conveyor belt.