Semi automatic round bottle labeling machine

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Semi automatic round bottle labeling machine, also called manual round bottle labeling machine, is a kind of semi-automatic labeling machine. It’s occupied with small space, suitable various round bottles and cans. This semi-automatic labeler can apply to food, beverage, milk, juice, sauces, medicine, daily use products, cosmetics, medicine, etc. During the process of using, it can satisfy different round bottle sizes and you do not need to change any parts. Besides, we also supply automatic round bottle labeling machine, square bottle labeling machine, etc. Furthermore, customization service is available according to your requirements.

Semi-automatic round bottle labeler
Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labeler

Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine parameters

Bottle diameter15-120mm
Label speed20-40 bottles/min
Label sizeW26L25-W150L300
The inner diameter of the label roll75mm
Label roll outer diameter275mm
Machine size650*345*450mm

Features of semi automatic round bottle labeling machine

  1. Simple structure, reasonable design, easy to install, operate, and maintain;
  2. Work stably, low noise, affordable price, wide application;
  3. It’s quipped with advanced photoelectric sensor, highly intelligent for labeling.
  4. The labeler body is made of aluminum alloy which has the characteristics of lightweight and good casting properties.
  5. Satisfy the most of specifications of round bottles needs.
  6. The semi-automatic bottle labeler adopts high-quality rubber rollers with great transmission.
  7. Semi automatic labeling machine price is lower than automatic labeling machine.
  8. The power supply is equipped with overcurrent protection function. If it exceeds the normal range of use, the fuse will automatically blow to protect the machine.

Various applications of semi-automatic labeling machine for round bottle

Semi-automatic labeling machine is suitable for various round bottles or cans, no matter that the material of bottle is plastic, glass, or metal, etc. It can apply to the bottles or cans of beverage, juice, water, milk, oil, sauce, spice, chilli powder, snacks, candy, biscuits, chips, popcorn, dry fruit, daily use products, cosmetics, medicine, etc. The label can cover the bottle in a circle or not. The length of the label depends on your needs. You also can make the label stick in a part of the bottle.

Applications of semi-automatic round bottle labeler
Applications Of Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labeler

Structures manual round bottle labeling machine

Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine mainly consists of a motor, electroplated aluminum alloy body, paper supply tray, tray adjustment screw, high-quality sensor, optical fiber, press bottle swing arm, bottle support roller, etc. The electroplated aluminum alloy weights light and has a good casting property. The paper supply tray with adjustment screw is to fix the label so as to run easily. The high-quality sensor is sensitive to detect the label. Optical fiber positions accurately. Press bottle swing arm is convenient to make the bottle or can on the support roller so as to label neat and smooth when labeling. If you want to get more details, you can get in touch with us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

The structure of manual round bottle labeler
The Structure Of Manual Round Bottle Labeler

Operation procedures

  1. Make sure all parts of the machine are well installed.
  2. Put bottle on the support rollers by hand.
  3. Pressing the bottle swing arm manually to fix bottle will trigger the switch of labeling.
  4. The bottle and paper supply tray rotate to complete labeling on the bottle.
  5. Lift the bottle swing arm, and the labeling process finished.

FAQs about semi automatic round bottle labeling machine

  • Q1: What kinds of bottles can the labeling machine apply to?
  • A1: Plastic round bottle, glass round bottle, metal round bottle, etc.
  • Q2: How many bottles can be labeled in one minute?
  • A2: It depends your manual speed and the length of label.
  • Q3: What sizes of bottles can be used for?
  • A3: The labeler can use for the bottles that its diameter is above 3.5cm. If your bottle is smaller than the diameter of 3.5cm, horizontal labeling machine is a good choice.

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