Continuous bag sealing machine

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Continuous bag sealing machine is a small heat sealer for pouches. It’s convenient to put it on a table when using it. There are two kinds of machines. One can make the packaging bag horizontally on the conveyor belt, while the other one can make the packaging bag vertically on the conveyor belt. The bag sealer is suitable for the pouch sealing of powder, granule, liquid, paste, pieces, etc. Besides, the sealing pattern includes a grid, grid with date, smoothness, strip. Two categories of date printers are optional, namely ink wheel code, and cartridge code. Besides, for continuous pouch sealing machines, we support customization services for the width of the conveyor belt, the height between the sealing device and conveyor belt, etc. Get in touch with us to get more information.

Flat bag heat sealing machine
Flat Bag Heat Sealing Machine
Vertical bag heat sealing machine
Vertical Bag Heat Sealing Machine

Wide application of continuous bag sealer

Continuous bag sealing machine has a wide application in aluminum foil bags and plastic bags sealing for powder, granule, liquid, paste, pieces, etc. The common applications refer to bag sealing of coffee powder, milk powder, spice, flour, chilli powder, detergent powder, snacks, tea, coffee bean, candy, seeds, cereals, biscuit, bread, rice, milk, juice, vinegar, soy sauce, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, salad dressing, jam, mask, hardware, woodwork, etc. The bag lies or stands on the conveyor belt because of the volume of materials and status when the small heat sealer runs. You can choose the suitable one according to your actual needs. Get in touch with us to obtain useful suggestions.

Applications of continuous pouch sealer
applications of continuous pouch sealer

Benefits of continuous bag sealing machine

  1. Simple structure to install, operate, and maintain;
  2. Occupy small space, low noise, low cost, efficiently and save time and energy;
  3. Pure copper block heating quickly and evenly and air-cooled heat dissipation is faster.
  4. Thickening wear-resistant conveyor belt, more durable and affordable price;
  5. Various applications for bags of powder, granule, liquid, paste, pieces, etc.
  6. Four sealing patterns are optional according to your needs.
  7. Conveyor belt speed is adjustable.
  8. Emergency button is designed as a safety precaution.

Continuous bag sealing machine structure

The continuous bag sealing machine is composed of a thermostatic temperature controller, conveyor belt, conveyor table, embossing wheel, pressure adjust button, cooling wheel, heat block, emergency switch, temperature-controlled meter, transverse adjustment of conveyor table, adjustment button of conveyor table. The thermostatic temperature controller, the temperature display at a glance, keeps the operating temperature to enhance product quality and efficiency. The conveyor belt can widen based on your needs. Four types of embossing wheels are optional, wheel of the grid, wheel of the grid with date, wheel of smoothness, and wheel of the strip. The heat block adopts the material of pure copper, warming up quickly and evenly heating.

The structure of continuous bag sealer
the structure of continuous bag sealer

Do you know why others choose our machines?

Firstly, we have a strict quality inspection system and our skilled workers will check machines carefully before shipment. Our machines have authentic quality assurance. Secondly, we provide an English manual and video teaching. 24 hours online service is available. Thirdly, for the continuous bag sealing machine, we can customize the width of the conveyor belt and the height between the sealing device and conveyor belt, etc., based on your requirements. In addition, we also supply filling machines, packaging machines, vacuum sealing machines, labeling machines, date printers, etc. Various machines are optional. Contact us for more details.