Carton sealing machine

Carton sealing machine or carton packing machine is the equipment to seal cardboard boxes with tape. It widely applies to pack various kinds of objects into cartons, such as foods, beverages, wines, medicines, books, furniture, lamps, spices, kitchenware, hardware, woodwork, chemicals, clothes, ceramics, glass caps, etc. It has two methods of usages, just using a single machine, or as one part of the carton packing production line. This machine is usually matched with the unpacking machine, labeling machine, coding device, heat shrink film wrapping machine, etc.

Carton sealing machine structure

The carton sealing machine consists of a conveyor platform with turning rollers, left and right conveyor belts, carton positioning rollers, hand shanks for adjusting the height of the conveyor platform and the top sealing device, a long metal plate, supporting frame with scale, power switch, emergency button, four wheels on the bottom of the machine, etc. The turning rollers are arranged closely, suitable for transporting various sizes of cartons. Left and right conveyor belts take the carton forward automatically for sealing. The sealing height and width can be adjustable through hand shanks. The long metal plate flattens the top of the box, sealing smoothly.

Carton packing machine working video

Features of the carton sealing machine

  1. Reasonable design, durable material, running smoothly, working efficiently
  2. The height of conveyor is adjustable according to your needs
  3. Wide applications for different sizes of cartons
  4. Rollers arrangement closely, suitable for different sizes of cartons, especially small box
  5. The component for fixing tape is detachable, and convenient to replace tapes.
  6. Finish bottom sealing and top sealing operation one time, seal firmly and smoothly with a pretty appearance
  7. An emergency button is designed as a safety precaution.
  8. Customization service is available.

Operation procedure of the single machine

  1. Install the two sticky tapes on sealing devices
  2. Adjust various parameters and start the machine
  3. Open the cardboard boxes
  4. Putt objects into the case
  5. Place the box on the conveyor
  6. Push it the carton the sealing device
  7. The machine will tape the top and bottom of the carton automatically.

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Tape width45mm45mm
Sealing width80-300mm250-500mm
Sealing height90-400mm180-600mm
Table heightmin550mm/max730mmmin570mm/max730mm
Machine size1060*660*1010mm1000*830*1350mm