Candy packaging machine

Brand Henan Top
Applications Candy, rice, nuts, sugar, salt, grains, seeds, etc
Packaging speed 5-50bags/min
Power voltage 220VAC/50HZ
Dimension (L)1150*(W)1795*(H)11650mm
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Candy packaging machine is a great candy packing solution that can greatly improve your productivity and save your cost. A variety of manufactured goods is available for customers at preferential cost. Advanced internal configuration and robust external architecture are the distinguishing features of our machines. 

We have the most professional team, and they are respectively good at candy packing machines’ designing, manufacturing, and after-sale service. Holding the principle of integrity and responsibility for many years, we are surely the most reliable friend and a great partner. We will respond to your inquiry in a timely manner and have a dedicated follow-up person ready to give you feedback on your order. If you trust us, we would provide you the excellent products. 

Various types of candy packing machine for sale 

Type 1: Small vertical granule packing machine for candies

The vertical particle packaging machine is a combination of electrical and mechanical bodies and is equipped with a dual CPU system. And the display is in Chinese font. Microcomputer-controlled photoelectric tracking and rectifying systems ensure that the machine can diagnose faults automatically.

Small candy pouch packing machine parameters

Bag Styleback seal/3-side seal/4-side sealback seal/3-side seal /4-side seal
Packing Speed32-72bags/min or 50-100bags/min20-80bags/min
Bag Length30-180mm30-180mm
Bag Width20-145mm(need to replace the former)20-200mm
Filling Range20-220ml/
Power Consumption1.8kw1.8kw
Carton Size1100*750*1820mm/

Type 2: Multi-head weigher candy packing machine

The machine has a servo film transport system characterized by accurate positioning and beautiful packaging. It has the advantage of automatic process, low noise, and long life. We can set single or multi-bag cutting modes according to the need. And punching unit can also be installed as requested. What’s more, this model should be used with electronic scales, whose type will be manufactured as requested.

Multi-head Weigher Packing Machine Parameters

Bag Length80-300mm(L)80-400mm(L)100-400mm(L)
Bag Width50-200mm(W)80-250mm(W)180-350mm(W)
Max Width of Roll Film420mm520mm720mm
Packing Speed5-30bags/min5-50bags/min5-50bags/min
Air Consumption0.65Mpa0.65Mpa0.65Mpa
Gas Consumption0.3m3/min0.4m3/min0.4m3/min
Power Voltage220VAC/50HZ220VAC/50HZ220VAC/50HZ
Deadwight of Machine540KG600KG/

Candy bag packaging effect display

Single candy bags & 4-side seal sachets
Single Candy Bags &Amp; 4-Side Seal Sachets
Candy pouch with a hole
Candy Pouch With A Hole
Pre-made candy bag
Pre-Made Candy Bag

Characteristics of the candy packaging machine 

  1. Candy packaging machine from us never sacrifices quality for the saving of cost. We adopt the most advanced microcomputer chips in the world.
  2. All the candy packaging machines take the PLC control so that they can realize long-term work without malfunction and with easy operation.  
  3. Automatic packaging processes including bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, and bag cutting makes sure efficiency.  
  4. we offer a range of sealing styles for your choice, and there must be one you like. And we can customize incidental devices such as printers at your request.
  5. The microcomputer-controlled photoelectric tracking and the rectifying system make sure that packaging bag pictures are in your present position, and if not, it corrects itself.

What is the candy packing machine price? 

Most of the machines need to be customized due to the different needs of customers. So the specific price of the machine is affected by lots of factors. The pricing of the machines is very reasonable and customers can get the most satisfactory products at relatively affordable prices. The candy packaging machine generally consists of the main body and additional functional devices, the style of which depends on the customer’s needs. Our engineers strive for excellence, making the machine body from stainless steel and using the toughest belt to draw the gears. Therefore, the price you finalize with our company must match the quality of the machine.

Why choose us as your top candy packaging machine manufacturer?

  1. Our factory has specialized in manufacturing packaging machines for many years, so we have superior experience and a technical team. We have designed a range of humanized candy packaging machines before, so we have sound experience with this kind of machine and know how to optimize and fix the products when problems come into being.
  2. Our company has its own set of quality inspection systems, so we will detect quality problems and correct them even if they occur. The relevant staff of our company will continuously follow up on the order and report the logistics status of the goods at any time. We have the most considerate after-sales service. We are responsible for the later installation and overhaul of the products.
  3. Our factory is very close to the port and has convenient transportation. In addition, we have long-term cooperation with shipping companies. The above points determine that our shipping cost will be very cheap.

Benefits of the automatic candy packing machine

A variety of options is undoubtedly the most salient advantage of the candy packing machine. For example, there are various ways to seal the bags: back seal, three side seal, four side seal, etc. The PLC control screen has a Chinese and English display interface. This system can set bag length, cutter temperature, packing speed, etc. We have different sizes of the former for setting different bag widths. The machine has different size measuring cups inside the turntable for material loading.

All these show the flexibility of our products. In addition, the quality of the Henan Top Packing Machinery’s machine is of the highest standard. Advanced technology, high-quality structure coupled with long-term considerate after-sales service are the significant benefit of our products.

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Founded in 1992, Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd has rich experience in the design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of packing machines. And we have a good reputation in the field of candy packing machines and have exported to more than 80 countries. The superior quality and elegant appearance have won the favor of various countries. By providing quality products and services, we aim to help our customers change the way they produce and live, and improve their production efficiency.

Here we have the most advanced equipment and the most considerate service. Besides, by cooperating with us, you will gain much more than the product itself. Welcome your inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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