5-50kg granule filling machine

Name Granular filling machine
Packaging weight 5~50KG
Applications Grains, nuts, beans, rice, wheat, millet, corn, seeds, fertilizer, cat food, dog food, etc
Warranty One-year
Note Custom service available
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Granule filling machine is equipped with a sealing device, mainly including two parts, the filling system, and a sealing system. The filling system adopts quantitative weighing, accurately and efficiently. It can preset the weight of packaging materials, which fills quickly. The sealing one refers to two sorts of machines, the sealing machine for plastic bags and the sewing machine for woven bags. You can choose one of them or both of them based on your needs. The filling equipment widely applies to rice, wheat, millet, corn, grains, cat food, dog food, chemical fertilizer, etc. Besides, we supply customization services according to your actual requirements.

5-50kg granule filling & sealing machine for sale

Granule filling machine within 5-50kg per bag is for sale in Top(Henan) Packing Machinery. The packaging machine can automatically weighing, filling, and sealing( or sewing). It adopts an electronic weighing system, intelligently and precisely. The discharge outlet is equipped with a large clamp to fix the bag for filling. The standard equipment is one filling hole, but we also support a double filling outlet if you need it. People usually purchase a material elevator as well when they buy the 5-50kg granule weighing packing machine because the material inlet is high, and inconvenient to load manually. In addition, we also provide OEM service. Get in touch with us to get more details.

5-50kg weighing granule filling equipment
5-50Kg Weighing Granule Filling Equipment

Features & benefits of 5-50kg granule filling machine equipment

  1. Reasonable design, intelligent control system, multiple languages optional, wide applications
  2. Run stably, weighing accurately, operating conveniently, sealing(or sewing) firmly
  3. Improve production efficiency, saving labor and packaging time
  4. The detector is equipped on the discharge outlet in order to control fill or not.
  5. A large clamp is used to fasten the packaging bag for filling.
  6. It supports to the preset weight of packaging objects, filling quickly and accurately.     
  7. Customization service is available.
5-50kg granule filling & sealing machine with a material elevator
5-50Kg Granule Filling &Amp; Sealing Machine With A Material Elevator

Wide applications in food and non-food

The 5-50kg granule filling machine is widely applied to various kinds of granules, such as rice, wheat, millet, corn, peanut, mung bean, red bean, soybean, sesame, buckwheat, melon seeds, red dates, dried chilies, walnut, grains, nuts, cat food, dog food, chemical fertilizer, and so on. It’s suitable for 5-50kg per bag. Plastic bags and woven bags are optional. Plastic bags use the heat sealing machine, while woven bags need the sewing machine.

Various grains
Various Grains

how to choose the right granule filling machine?

Choosing the right granule filling machine for your specific needs can be a daunting task. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a granule filling machine:

  1. Production Volume: Consider how many containers need to be filled per day or per hour. This will help determine the speed and size of the machine required.
  2. Type of Granules: Different types of granules may require different filling techniques. For example, if the granules are very small or have a tendency to clump, a volumetric filler may be more suitable, whereas larger or irregularly shaped granules may require an auger filler.
  3. Container Size and Shape: Consider the size and shape of the containers that will be filled. Some machines may be better suited for certain container shapes and sizes.
  4. Accuracy and Precision: Consider the level of accuracy and precision required for your application. Some machines may be able to provide more precise and accurate filling than others.
  5. Ease of Use and Maintenance: Consider the ease of use and maintenance of the machine. Look for machines that are easy to operate and maintain, and that have readily available spare parts.
  6. Safety Features: Look for safety features such as emergency stops, guards, and sensors that protect the operator.
  7. Quality of the manufacturer: It is important to choose a reputable and reliable manufacturer with a good track record of producing quality machines.
  8. Budget: Of course, budget is also a consideration when choosing a granule filling machine, so it is important to look for a machine that provides the best value for your investment.

It’s always recommended to consult a manufacturer’s representative or a professional in the field to ensure that you are making the right choice for your specific needs.

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