Powder Filling Machine

Packaging range 1-10kg
Packing speed 500-1500bags/h (according to the packaging size and products)
Packaging accuracy ±1%
Dimension 1000*850*1850mm
Weight 280kg
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Powder filling machine here is a tool to fill powder within 1-10kg efficiently and reliably. The same as other powder packing machines, it’s equipped with an auger that measures the volume of filling material. The equipment is suitable for various kinds of powders, such as milk powder, flour, starch, condiment, chili powder, detergent powder, chemical powder, farm, and sideline products, additive powder, dyes powder, fodder powder, etc.

In order to pack more efficiently, you can use it by matching it with some devices. For instance, it’s better to buy a bag sealing machine together if you also want to seal the bag. While if you use bottles for packaging, you can purchase a conveyor belt to save labor. Furthermore, OEM service is available according to your needs.

Powder weighing and filling machine
Powder Weighing And Filling Machine

Features & benefits of dry powder weighing and filling machine

  1. Reasonable design, simple structure, easy to install, operate and maintain
  2. Automatic quantitative weighing, filling, and adjusting metering error
  3. Keys and PLC touch screen are optional based on your needs
  4. Add a big clamp on the discharge port to fix the packaging bag for filling a big volume
  5. Changing different sizes of auger can control to package different volume of material
  6. Adopt quantitative weighing system, accurately, efficiently, and conveniently
  7. Use stepper motor and electronic weighing technology, high precision
  8. Suitable for filling packaging bag, bottle, and cans
  9. Customization service available

Semi-automatic powder filling machine parameters

PowerAC380V  900W
Packaging specifications1-10kg
Packaging accuracy±1%
Packing speed500-1500bags/h (according to the packaging size and products)

1-10kg powder auger filler machine structure

The auger filler consists of a material hopper, the discharge outlet, electronic control panel, tray, screw conveyor with a hopper, and a motor. The material hopper is used for storing powder for filling. A discharge outlet with an auger is to control filling volume. For large bag filling, it will be equipped with a clamp device to fasten the bag. The tray has a supporting function for bags, bottles, or cans. There are two kinds of control panels optional, keys and a PLC touch screen. Screw conveyor transports material into filling machine’s hopper by the power of its own motor.

In addition, we support customized machines according to your needs. You can get in touch with us to get more details by filling out the form at the bottom of this article.

1-10kg powder filling equipment structure
1-10Kg Powder Filling Equipment Structure

Screw conveyor parameters

PowerAC380V  1100W
Elevating capacity1000-3000kg/h
Capacity of hopper100-300kg
Height of filling device2000mm( support custom service)
The material of the equipmentStainless steel

Wide applications in food & non-food, bags, bottles, or cans

The powder filling machine for 1-10kg is suitable for a variety of powder, such as milk powder, coffee powder, flour, cornflour, rice flour, milk-tea powder, albumen powder, starch, spices, matcha powder, cocoa powder, pepper, chilli powder, black pepper, cumin, curry, masala, dyes powder, pesticide powder, additive, fodder powder, etc. And the filling equipment applies to bags, bottles, and cans.

Applicable powder
Applicable Powder

If you want a production line with the 1-10kg powder filling machine, there are many machines optional in Henan Top Packing Machinery, such as conveyor belts for bottles or cans, continuous bag sealing machine, capping machines, vacuum sealing machine, date printer, carton sealing machine, and so on. Besides, we also provide powder packing machines for 0-80g/bag, 20-200g/bag, 500-1000g/bag, 1000-3000g/bag, 5-50kg/bag, etc. Furthermore, we support customization services. Contact us for more information and the best price.

Powder filling machine factory
Powder Filling Machine Factory


Powder filling machines are an essential tool in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals, and agriculture. These machines are used to fill powders into containers with a high level of accuracy and consistency. They are available in different types, including auger filler, volumetric filler, and gravimetric filler, each with its own unique features and uses. Key features of powder filling machines include speed and accuracy, precision and consistency, ease of use and maintenance, and safety features. With the continued growth and advancement of technology, powder filling machines will continue to play a vital role in ensuring efficient and effective production in a variety of industries.