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Powder packing machine is a great packing tool that can handle various powder products, such as chili powder, coffee powder, tea powder, rice powder, spices powder, milk powder, medicine, herb powder, detergent powder, feed, chemical powder, dyes, curry powder, condiment, cocoa powder, flour, amylum, nutrition powder, vanilla powder, jaggery powder, masalajat powder, etc. Our automatic powder packing machine for sale can finish the process of filling, bag forming, sealing, coding printer, etc.

It can greatly improve production efficiency to meet large-scale production capability and sanitary demand. Besides, all our products have passed CE, GMP, ISO9001, etc international certificates. If you are looking for an excellent powder packaging machine to benefit your business, we can provide various solutions for meeting your demand. Looking forward to hearing from you today.  

Various types of powder packing machine for sale

Powder packaging machines for sale in Henan Top Packing Machine can be applied in many industries, such as the food industry, beverage industry, chemical industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. According to customers` specific requirements, such as packaging material, packing weight, budget, production capacity demand, we would provide different powder packing equipment to fit your needs. For example, for different weights of packing items, there is powder pouch packing equipment for 0-80g, 20-200g, 500-1000g, 1kg-3kg, 1-10kg, and 5-50kg. And for the automation level, we provide fully automatic packing equipment, a semi-automatic packing machine, and a manual packing machine for you to choose from. Furthermore, we support strong custom services to meet any of your specific needs.

Type1: Automatic powder packaging machine for sale

These three kinds of pouch packing equipment for powder are able to finish the whole process of measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting. They all are equipped with an auger for filling. The 0-80g type adopts a slanted one, 20-200g, and 500-1000g using a horizontal screw, and 1-3kg for the vertical auger.

How does an automatic powder packing machine work?

Parameters of auger powder packaging equipment

0-80g and 20-200g types have the same technical data as TH-320. The former adopts a slanted auger, more suitable for stick bags. While the latter is equipped with a horizontal screw, and its hopper is bigger. TH-450 is used to package 500-1000g per bag, 1-3kg automatic powder pouch packaging machine has three models, TH-420, TH-520, and TH-720.

Packaging bag typesBack seal/ 3-side seal/ 4-side sealBack seal/ 3-side seal/ 4-side sealBack sealBack sealBack seal
Packaging speed20-80bags/min20-80bags/min5-30bags/min5-50bags/min5-50bags/min
Power consumption1.8kw2.2kw220V, 2.2KW220VAC/50Hz220VAC/50Hz,5KW
Bag length30-180mm30-300mm80-300mm80-400mm100-400mm
Bag width20-150mm20-210mm80-200mm80-250mm180-350mm
Air consumption//0.65Mpa0.65Mpa0.65Mpa
Gas consumption//0.4m3/min0.4m3/min0.4m3/min

Type2: Powder filling machine for sale

The filling equipment for powder is a semi-automatic packing machine. They both need people to place the packaging bag under the discharge hole manually. Lots of customers will match a sewing machine for sealing woven bags. Besides, 1-10kg powder can be equipped with a conveyor belt, a capping machine, and a labeling machine to compose a bottled powder packaging line.

How to package powder with semi-automatic packing equipment?

Specifications of powder filling equipment

PowerAC380V 900W2.2kw
Packing speed500-1500bags/h/
Deadweight of machine280kg/

Features and benefits of the powder packing machine

  1. Simple structure, reasonable design, easy to install, operate, and maintain
  2. The machine body and all food touching parts are made of stainless steel, durable and environmental
  3. Fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual mode for you to choose
  4. Computer PLC control system, automatic alarming function, photoelectric tracking, reliable and intelligent
  5. Multifunctional, suitable for various types of packaging material
  6. Affordable and competitive packing machine price, low investment, high return
  7. Fast speed, high efficiency, good quality, and high performance
  8. Matched with a metering device, our powder packing equipment can automatically finish the whole process of feeding, bag making, filling, date printing, counting, and product transportation

What powder can the machine package?

Our powder packaging machine is widely applied in packing chili, tea, rice, spices, milk, herb, medicine, detergent, feed, dyes, coffee powder, chemical powder, curry powder, cocoa powder, condiment, nutrition powder, vanilla powder, jaggery powder, masalajat powder, etc. And we support custom service according to your actual packaging material. This product has a special powder leakage prevention valve device, which effectively solves the phenomenon of powder leakage in the process of packaging.

Things you need to consider when buying a powder packaging machine

In fact, it is not easy for you to buy a powder packing machine that can actually meet your business needs. There are many aspects you need to take into account. These key aspects are as follows:

  • Your packaging material  

The material you are packing will determine the type of packaging equipment you need for your business. Different materials require different packing equipment. We provide different powder packing equipment according to your specific packing materials.  

  • Design of the machine  

Vertical packaging machine or pillow packaging machine, inline packaging machine, or rotary packaging machine? Which is suitable for your business is best. It will depend on the available space of your factory and some other factors.

  • Driving mechanism of the machine

Electric motors, servo motors, VFD, and vacuum suction are available for you to choose from for the driving mechanism of the packing machine. Different types of motors have different features and advantages. For example, servo motors are ideal for filling machines system.

  • Automation level of the machine

In accordance with your production requirements and budget, you can choose fully automatic powder packing equipment, semi-auto powder packing equipment, and manual powder packing equipment. Automatic packers have quite a high efficiency but usually have a high cost. Besides, semi-automatic equipment has a lower cost, but relatively lower efficiency.

  • Quality standards of the machine

Product quality should be an important factor you need to take into account. Check whether their products have passed international certificates, such as CE, GMP, ISO9001, etc.

Why choose us as your top powder packing machine supplier?

Founded in 1992, we have been involved in the design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of packing machines for nearly 30 years. Located in Zhengzhou city, one of the rail and air transportation hubs of China. In other words, we enjoy a very convenient transportation condition. Therefore, we can make sure the fast delivery of our products. Besides, we have highly skilled staff to ensure the high quality and rich products of our machines. Furthermore, we provide excellent after-sales service, such as long-term quality assurance, free replacement of parts, installation and operation guidance, etc. Are you looking for an excellent powder packing machine manufacturer? Contact us for more information.

Want to know the powder packing machine price?

Powder packing machine prices are different according to their various parameters, materials, transportation costs, etc. Therefore, you need to clearly know what kind of packing machine you need before you buy one. Different packing machines have different features, advantages, and applications. There are many types of powder packaging equipment in Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. If you want details about our machines, we can send you a free price list. Welcome to contact us.

What services can we offer you?

As one of the leading packing machine manufacturers in China, we not only provide various types of powder packing machines with high quality and competitive price but excellent service system available from us.

Pre-sale service:

  1. 24-hour online service to solve your problems timely
  2. A warm reception when you visit our company or factory
  3. Professional purchasing guidance according to your packaging material, the weight of each bag, the shape of the bag, etc.
  4. Complete and professional product information(text, pictures, videos) for you to know more about your requirements.

After-sales service:

  1. Online video guidance
  2. Free Accessories
  3. If necessary, we can send technicians to the customer premises to guide the installation, operation, and maintenance.
  4. Long-term quality assurance

How to choose reliable powder packing equipment? 

  1. Firstly, we should clarify what kind of products you packing. Different machines are designed and manufactured for different packages – pouches, bags, and containers.
  2. The price of the machine. High-cost performance is the first principle. But definitely not the only principle.
  3. Try to choose a powder packing equipment manufacturer with rich experience. By the way, established in 1992, Henan Top Machinery has been specialized in the production of powder packaging equipment for almost 30 years. If necessary, you can visit their factory for more real information. Besides, you can do some research about the packing machine you need. This may be a good suggestion.
  4. After-sales service. A great packing machine manufacturer needs to have excellent after-sales service. Such as solve your problems timely; long-term quality assurance; free installation, operation, and maintenance guidance, etc.
  5. In conclusion, there are lots of things you need to consider when you buying powder packing machinery. If you still have problems in choosing a quality packing machine, get in touch with us for professional buying guidance.


A powder packing machine is definitely an essential machine that can highly improve the efficiency, quality, and quality of the packing products. Founded in 1992, Top Packing Machinery is a professional packing machine manufacturer in Zhengzhou city, China. We provide various types of powder packaging machines with completely good quality and competitive prices. In addition, we have quite skilled staff to make sure the fast delivery and rich products of our packaging machines. Welcome to contact us for an excellent packing solution!