Chilli powder packing machine

Brand Henan Top
Applications Chilli powder, ginger powder, flour, coffee powder, detergent powder, etc
Dimensions 650*1050*1950mm
Weight 250kg
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Chilli powder packing machine extremely improves production efficiency in packaging. Packaged chilli powder can keep its original taste and prolong storage time. Not more than 50kg of chilli powder can be packaged by chilli powder packaging equipment. Besides, sealing and cutting devices with the back seal, 3-side seal, or 4-side seal is optional. You can ask professional staff for useful suggestions so that you can choose a suitable chilli powder packaging machine.

Furthermore, OEM service is available according to your specific requirements. Are you interested in a powder packing machine for chilli? Get in touch with us today to get more details and the best price.

Various types of chilli powder packing machine for sale

There are various chilli powder packaging machines for sale, 0-80 automatic pouch chilli powder packing equipment, 0-1kg automatic chilli powder packing equipment, 1-3kg automatic chilli powder packing equipment, 1-5kg semi-automatic chilli powder packing equipment, 5-50kg semi-automatic chilli powder packing equipment, etc. Semi-automatic packaging machines need to put bags on the machine by hand, while automatic ones can automatically complete the whole process of bag forming, weighing, filling, sealing, cutting and counting.

Powder packing machine usually is equipped with vertical, horizontal or slanted screws to control the weight of the filling material. If necessary, the loading conveyor, output conveyor, and date printer are optional. In addition, we support custom services on the basis of your actual requirements.

0-80g chilli powder packing machine
0-80G Chilli Powder Packaging Machine

0-80g pouch powder packing equipment parameters

  • Packing style (Bag style): 3-side seal /back seal / 4-side seal
  • Packing speed: 20-80 bags/min
  • Power Consumption: 1.8kw
  • Weight: 250kg
  • Dimensions: 650*1050*1950mm
  • Packing weight :0-80g
  • Bag width:20-150mm ( replace the bag former)
  • Bag length:30-180mm adjust
  • Note: custom service available
0-1kg chilli powder packaging machine
0-1Kg Chilli Powder Packaging Machine

0-1kg powder packing equipment parameters

  • Packing style (Bag style): 3-side seal /back seal / 4-side seal
  • Packing speed: 30-75bags/min
  • Bag length: 30-300mm
  • Bag width: 30-215mm
  • Power Consumption: 1.2kw
  • Weight: 250kg
  • Dimensions: 820*1250*1900mm
  • Note: OEM available
1-3kg chilli powder packing machine
1-3Kg Chilli Powder Packaging Machine

1kg-3kg automatic powder packaging machine parameters

  • Bag length: 80-400mm(L)
  • Bag width: 80-250mm(W)
  • Max width of roll film:520mm
  • Packing speed:5-50bags/min
  • Measuring range: 3000ml(Max)
  • Air consumption:0.65Mpa
  • Gas consumption:0.4m³/min
  • Power voltage: AC220V/50HZ
  • Dimension: (L)1150×(W)1795×(H)11650mm
  • Deadweight of machine:600KG
  • Note: OEM available

Performance features of chilli powder packaging equipment  

  1. Simple structure to install, operate and maintain;
  2. PLC touch screen to set up using language, packaging speed, bag length, sealing temperature, etc.;
  3. A screw is used to control the weight of the filling material;
  4. Bag former is easy to replace a new one;
  5. Back seal, 3-side seal, and 4-side seal are optional for the machines which need bag former;
  6. The sealing and cutting device is surrounded by a protective cover with transparency glass;
  7. The emergency stop button is designed as a safety precaution;
  8. Customization service is available.

Differences & similarities between several types of chilli powder packaging machines

  • Automatic powder packing machine: Chilli powder packing machine for 0-80g, 0-1kg, and 1-3kg are automatic packing machine. 0-80g powder packing equipment pushes chilli powder by a screw at an angle, suitable for pouch chilli powder packaging within 80g. 0-1kg powder packaging machine with a horizontal screw applies to pack chilli powder of not more than 1kg. 1-3kg powder packing equipment is equipped with a vertical screw, working efficiently. All these three kinds of chilli powder packaging machines can automatically complete bag forming, weighing, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting. They weigh material according to the spiraling screw.
  • Semi-automatic powder packing machine: 1-5kg and 5-50kg powder packing machine for chilli belong to semi-automatic machine. When using them, you should put the bag on the filling hole by hand to fill the same weight of material. Sealing device and sewing device are available to match.
Powder packer with a slanted screw
Powder Packer With A Slanted Screw
Powder packer with a horizontal screw
Powder Packer With A Horizontal Screw
Powder packer with a vertical screw
Powder Packer With A Vertical Screw

Chilli powder packing machine price

Chilli powder packing machine price is closely related to the raw material for the equipment, the machine’s structure, the dimension of the equipment, etc. Firstly, most chilli powder packing machine adopts stainless steel as the material of machine manufacturing, so the price of stainless steel will affect the price of powder packaging machine for chilli. Secondly, different types of chilli powder packaging machines have different structures. For instance, automatic chilli powder packing equipment is installed bag former. While semi-automatic chilli powder packaging equipment needs a device that can fix the bag on the machine. They differ in price. Thirdly, the dimension of the equipment is a factor in the price.

When the type of machine is the same, the larger means the higher cost. Besides, the price of the customization service is determined by the machine you customized. You can get in touch with us as soon as possible for the best price.

How to choose the correct chilli powder packaging machine?

Lots of chilli powder packing equipment at the market, do you know how to choose a suitable one? Here are five tips as follows.

  1. Make sure the weight is in the bag you want to pack. There are 0-80g, 0-1kg, 1-3, 1-5kg, and 5-50kg optional.
  2. Figure out the width and length of the packaging bag so as to choose a suitable bag former.
  3. Consider the packaging speed you want to reach, which is closely involved in working efficiency.
  4. Choose a packaging style, back seal, 3-side seal, or 4-side seal.
  5. Do you need some extra devices? Loading conveyor, output conveyor, date printer, and the mould of sealing and cutting device with a puncher or not are available.
1-5kg powder packing machine in stock
1-5Kg Powder Packing Machine In Stock

What can we provide if cooperate with us?

  1. We have an extremely strict quality inspection system for our products. Before shipment, we will take photos and videos for you.
  2. We supply English manuals and video teaching. And we provide 24-hour online service. You can contact us if you have any questions about our products, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.
  3. If the machine has a problem, we will check what happened after receiving your feedback video. If the problem is triggered by improper operation, we can provide the parts at the original price. while if not human improper behaviour, we will provide parts for free.
  4. As a manufacturer and supplier, we can provide the best price for you, and we support custom services according to your actual requirements.

Get in touch with us to get a free quotation

Compared with manual work, powder packing machine for chilli highly improves working efficiency and accuracy. On the other hand, it can save labour. Do you have a good idea about the chilli powder packing machine? Is it for the weight of 0-80g, 0-1kg, 1-3kg, 1-5kg, or 5-50kg? Do you need a loading conveyor, output conveyor, date printer, etc.? Besides, the back seal, 3-side seal, 4-side seal are optional. You can select the suitable one based on your needs. Furthermore, we also provide OEM service. Contact us soon to get more details if you are interested in our products. We will give you useful suggestions to facilitate your business.