Guidance to Buying Pouch & Bottle Filling Machine

November 25,2022

Filling machine, also named filler, is mainly a small category of the packaging machine. From the perspective of packaging material, it can be divided into the liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, and granule filling machine, etc. From the degree of automation, there is semi-automatic filling equipment and a fully automatic filling production line. The filling machine is used for filling material(liquid, paste, powder, granule, etc) into bags or containers. It has wide applications in food, beverage, daily necessaries, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries, and so on.

How does a filling machine work?

The filling machine usually has the function of metering and filling. The metering system is used to control the volume of filling, and the filling system is utilized for filling material into bags or containers. The working principles of different filling machines depend on their own structures, so it’s better to learn something about the structure of the equipment if you really want to know how a filling machine works. There is a variety of machines for filling in the market, we will discuss several common kinds of filling machines briefly, involving liquid filler, paste filler, yogurt filler, powder filler, and pellet filler.

How many types of filling machines are there?

  • Classified by filling method: atmospheric filling machine, negative pressure filling machine, isobaric filling machine, pressure filling machine
  • According to the main motion form of the packaging container: Rotary filling machine, inline filling machine, vertical filling machine
  • The degree of automation: manual filling, semi-automatic filling machine, fully automatic filling machine
  • From the types of filling materials: liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, granule filling material, powder filling machine
  • The specific filling material: water filling machine, oil filling machine, yogurt cup filling machine, juice filling machine, flour filling machine, rice filling machine, fodder filling machine, etc.
Single nozzle juice filling machine
single nozzle juice filling machine

Liquid filling machine

The liquid filling machine includes a semi-automatic single outlet liquid filler and automatic multi-head nozzle liquid filler. The former is composed of a single outlet, feeding pipe, cylinder, emergency switch, barometer, hand shank, footswitch, and emergency switch. The liquid flows through the feeding pipe, is sucked into the cylinder, and pushed out by force. Multi-head spout liquid filler is equipped with a PLC touch screen, conveyor belt, multiple filling outlets, and photoelectric sensing part. The operator can set up related parameters on the PLC touch screen. Photoelectric eye detector positions the bottles. The spout fills liquid into bottles when bottles pause under the outlets.

Semi-automatic water filling machine
Semi-Automatic Water Filling Machine
Multi-head automatic liquid filler
Multi-Head Automatic Liquid Filler

Characteristics of liquid filling machine

A liquid filling machine usually delivers and fills liquid through pipes due to the liquid property. Semi-automatic single nozzle liquid filler is one type of small filling machine. It has features of small size, portable, simple structure, and anti-drip design. The vacuum pump connects two pipes, one inserted its mouth into the material, the other one equipped with a spout to fill material into the container. Automatic multi-head liquid filler can fill multiple bottles at the same time, highly improving working efficiency. The liquid filling equipment can be used alone or matched with other machines to compose a whole production line, such as a bottle unscrambler, capping machine, labeling machine, output conveyor belt, coding device, etc.

Paste filling machine

The paste filler includes semi-automatic single outlet paste filler and automatic multi-head paste filler. The paste filling process is similar to the liquid one. The semi-automatic filler for paste consists of a hopper, single outlet, a rotary valve, cylinder, barometer, hand shank, and footswitch. The hopper is used to store the material temporarily when filling paste, a cone hopper, and U-type hopper are optional. The cone-shaped hopper is suitable for various paste without particles or sediment. While U-type hopper applies to sauces with particles or sediment because there is a stirring device inside to make sure material is even. And the U-type one has a bigger capacity. While multi-head paste filler is composed of a PLC touch screen, a hopper, conveyor belt, filling nozzles, an electric eye, and other devices. If the material you want to fill is viscous, it may be to add a heating device so as to fill quickly. Compared with semi-automatic outlet paste filler, multi-head paste one works more efficiently and accurately.

Semi-automatic cone-shaped hopper paste filler
Semi-Automatic Cone-Shaped Hopper Paste Filler
Semi-automatic u-type paste filling machine
Semi-Automatic U-Type Paste Filling Machine

Yogurt cup filling machine

The yogurt filling machine is different from liquid filler and paste filler. It is designed for yogurt cups especially. It can finish falling cup, filling yogurt, feeding cup cover, sealing the yogurt cup, and pushing or pulling finished products out. Compared with other filling machines, this type of equipment is customized according to the shape and size of the yogurt cup. If you have other specific requirements about the machine, we also can do our best to satisfy your needs. But it is not suitable for different diameters or shapes of cups. For mass production of yogurt cups, it’s a good choice to customize the yogurt cup filling equipment by providing your specifications of the yogurt cup and cover.

Yogurt cup filler
yogurt cup filler

Powder filling machine

The powder filling machine is used for quantitative weighing and filling powdery material, like flour, rice flour, cornflour, starch, tapioca, cumin powder, pepper powder, coffee powder, milk powder, spice powder, chili powder, ginger powder, chemical powder, dyes powder, and so on. 1-10kg powder filler can change the filling scope by replacing the size of the auger. Besides, it can be equipped with a bag holder to fix the packaging bag and a stirring device. The outlet of 5-50kg powder filler has a big firm clamp. The photoelectric eye can detect the bag is put on the outlet, and the clamp will close and fix the bag. Both powder filling machines for 1-10kg and 5-50kg can match with a plastic bag sealing machine or a sewing machine for the woven bags.

1-3kg automatic flour packaging machine
1-3kg automatic flour packaging machine

Granule filling machine

Granule filling machine for sale in Top(Henan) Packing Machinery includes the small filling machine for granule and 5-50kg granule filling machine. Small particle filling machine, also called desktop granule filling machine, occupies small space, filling precisely. The quantitative filling scope has 0-20g, 0.5-50g, 0.5-99g, and 1-200g optional. 5-50kg granule filling equipment can preset the filling material weight, and the preset part will fill quickly. On the bottom of the machine, a conveyor belt is used to transport the bagged material to the sealing machine. Plastic bag heat sealing device and sewing device for the woven bag are optional. Of cause, you can match both of them if you need.

5-50kg granule filling & sealing machine with a material elevator
5-50kg granule filling & sealing machine with a material elevator

Why is the filling machine important?

  1. An indispensable step in packaging

For the whole packaging process, filling is an indispensable step of packaging. No matter what you want to package, all need to fill material into bags or containers. Packaged objects can be seen everywhere, and the filling machine can facilitate packaging.

2. Wide applications

Many filling machines are for sale in the market, each of them has wide applications. For instance, liquid filler applies to mineral water, pure water, soda water, beverage, juice, milk, wine, beer, vinegar, oil, etc. Paste filler is suitable for tomato sauce, salad dressing, peanut butter, honey, jam, shampoo, hoisin, chili sauce, and so on.

3. Flexible matches

The filler has a more flexible match, which is not only referring to the devices but also the containers. For example, desktop single outlet liquid filler can fill liquid into bags, bottles, cans, buckets, etc. And it’s convenient to operate.

What shall we consider when choosing and purchasing a filling machine?

  1. The material we want to package: liquid, paste, powder, or granule? How about the viscosity of liquid or paste? Fine powder or coarse powder? Small particle or big granules?
  2. The production output: What is the filling volume and how many bags or bottles do you want to produce in one hour or one day?
  3. The working space: It’s better to take into account the size of working place in case the equipment cannot be put into it.
  4. Filling machine price: The high-cost performance usually is a good choice. You had better not ignore its quality when pursuing a lower price.
  5. How about the brand and the manufacturer of the packaging machine? A reliable brand, manufacturer, and supplier generally have a good quality guarantee service. It’s suggested that take a research and visit the factory.
  6. Customer feedback is good or not.

Filling machine for sale in Top Machinery

The filling machines for sale in Henan Top Packing machine includes semi-automatic single spout liquid filler, automatic multi-head nozzle filler, semi-automatic cone-shaped hopper paste filler, semi-auto U-type hopper paste filler, automatic multi-head paste filler, 5-50kg granule filling equipment, multi-head particle filler, 1-10kg powder filling machine, 5-50kg powder filling equipment, yogurt cup filling machine, etc. You can choose according to your needs. For bag packaging, the filler can match with a heat sealing machine or sewing machine. Automatic multi-head filling machine for liquid and paste can be used alone, and compose a production line with bottle unscrambler, capping machine, labeling machine, coding machine, etc. Welcome to contact us you are want to know more information about filling machine.