Why should I choose a vacuum packing machine?

November 21,2022

Vacuum packing machine is a sort of packaging equipment extracting all the air in the packaging containers. The scarcity of air is equivalent to the effect of hypoxia so microorganisms have no living conditions. Vacuum sealing can effectively inhibit microbial growth so as to keep long storage. The common vacuum packing refers to the vacuum sealing of plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, glassware, tin can, and so on.

Double vacuum room sealer
double vacuum room sealer

The advantages of products sealed by vacuum packing machine

Vacuum packing covers many fields from food to medicine, knitwear, precision product, metal. The mechanism of vacuum packaging is to reduce the oxygen content in the packaging, prevent the mildew and decay of the packaging food, maintain the color and flavor of the food, and extend the shelf life. Besides, vacuum bag packaging can save storage and transportation space.

Vacuum sealing effect for grain, meat, vegetable, etc.
vacuum sealing effect for grain, meat, vegetable, etc.

How many vacuum packaging types are in the market?

The vacuum packaging principle is to exhaust air in the packaging container. The common containers include flat pouches, rice brick bags, glass jars, tin cans, etc. Flat bags are suitable for meat, sausage, biscuit, quail egg, and other snacks. Rice brick bags packaging is a special design for grains and nuts. Plastic cans are containers of various sauces and processed fruit. While the tin can is used to package meat.

Rice brick molds & sealing effect
rice brick molds & sealing effect

What vacuum packing machine is suitable for you?

There is a single vacuum room packing machine, double vacuum chamber packing machine, brick shape vacuum packaging machine, vacuum sealing machine for glass jars, and tin cans for sale in Henan Top Packing Machinery. It depends on the container, the packaging material, and your production output about vacuum sealer choosing. If you want to get more details, welcome to contact us.

Double vacuum chamber packer
double vacuum chamber packer

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