Vertical packaging machine

Model TH-320
Applications Nuts, rice, chips, popcorn, coffee beans, sugar, salt, corn, etc
Bag Style Back-seal/three-side seal/four-side seal
Bag Length 30-180mm
Bag Width 25-145mm(Need to replace the  Former)
Weight 250kg
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Vertical packaging machine or vertical form fill seal machine is a new type of packaging machine that can be used in food, beverage, medicine, chemical, and many other industries. It mainly includes liquid vertical packaging machines, granule vertical packaging machines, and powder vertical packaging machines. They are all basically the same in the main structure. Except for the hopper, the former is suitable for different size packing materials. Our packaging machine adopts advanced microcomputer system control technology, and it has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high precision, and fast speed. We can customize it according to the different needs and recommend the most suitable packaging machine for you. Besides, the quality is guaranteed, and we believe you will never regret investing in our vertical packing machine.

Different types of vertical packaging machine for sale

We have four different types of vertical packing machines for you to choose from, powder packing machine, granule packing machine, liquid packaging machine, and paste packaging machine. Most of their parts are the same, only the feeding systems are different. Therefore, if you want to purchase a vertical packing machine, we provide various types of machines for you. But different packing machines have different applications. Before buying vertical packing equipment, you need to tell us what material are you packing, packing speed, budget, etc. So that we can suggest to you the most suitable machine for your actual situation. And we support customization services. Contact us today to start your successful business.

Coffee granule packing machine
Coffee Granule Packing Machine

TH-320 Granule Packing Machine Parameters

  • Bag style: Back-seal/three-side seal/four-side seal
  • Packing speed: 32-72 bag/min or  50-100 bag/min
  • Bag length: 30-180mm
  • Bag width: 25-145mm(Need to replace the  Former)
  • Filling range:  22-220ml
  • Power Consumption: 1.8 KW
  • Weight: 250kg
  • Dimensions: 650*1050*1950mm
  • Carton size: 1100*750*1820mm
  • Note: Custom service available
Powder pouch packing machine supplier
Powder Pouch Packing Machine

Vertical powder packing machine parameters

  • Packing style (Bag style): 3-side seal /back seal / 4-side seal
  • Packing speed: 20-80 bag/min
  • Power Consumption: 1.8kw
  • Power Consumption: 1.8kw
  • Weight: 250kg
  • Dimensions: 650*1050*1950mm
  • Packing weight :0-100g
  • Bag width :20-150mm ( replace bag former)
  • Bag length:30-180mm adjust
  • Note: custom service available
Liquid packaging machine
Vertical Liquid Packaging Machine

Vertical liquid packing machine parameters

  • Bag length:80-300mm(L)
  • Bag width:50-200mm(W)
  • Packing speed:5-30bags/min
  • Measuring range:5-1000ml
  • Air consumption:0.65mpa
  • Gas consumption:0.3m³/min
  • Voltage:220V
  • Power :2.2KW
  • Dimension:(L)1320mm×(W)950mm×(H)1360mm
  • Weight :540Kg
  • Note: Custom available
Multi-head weigher candy packaging machine
Multi-Head Weigher Candy Packaging Machine

TZ-520 Multi-head weigher packaging machine parameters

  • Film width: Max.520
  • Bag length (mm):80-350
  • Bag width (mm):100-250
  • Film diameter (mm): Max.320
  • Packing speed (P/min):5-60
  • Measuring range:2000
  • Power(220v 50/60HZ):3KW
  • Dimension (mm):1488*1080*1490
  • Note: OEM service available

Features of Henan Top vertical form filling sealing machine

  • High-precision structure, easy operation, and maintenance;
  • The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, except for springs and cutters, which are not suitable for making 304 stainless steel;
  • It can automatically complete bag making, metering, blanking, sealing, slitting, counting, and other functions, and can print batch numbers according to customer requirements;
  • Strong applicability and wide applications;
  • Adopting an advanced microcomputer controller and stepping motor to control the bag length, the performance is stable, the adjustment is convenient, and the detection is accurate.

Wide applications of vertical packaging machine

Vertical packing machine is suitable for packaging various materials, such as popcorn, seeds, nuts, and other particles, or liquid and pastes such as water, beverages, chili oil, also can suit various powder packaging materials. It can satisfy the diverse needs of users and has a wide range of applications.

Applications of powder packaging machine
Applications Of Powder Packaging Machine
Granule packing equipment applications
Granule Packing Equipment Applications
Liquid packing products display
Liquid Packing Products Display

What is the cost of vertical form packing equipment?

According to the understanding of market conditions, the vertical packing machine has a variety of styles, and the price is very different. Among them, the factors affecting the price of the vertical packaging machine are mainly two aspects: model and parameters. The cost of the vertical packaging machine is mainly related to its internal structure, including the barrel, former, cutter, and 304 stainless steel material structure, and the size of the former and the cutter are different, and the manufacturing cost is different. 

Henan TOP Machinery is a professional packing machine manufacturer. When you buy our packaging machine, not only the quality of the equipment is guaranteed, but also the after-sales service is also guaranteed. Of course, we will also recommend the packaging machine that best meets your requirements according to your actual needs. Let you have no worries, don’t worry about any quality problems.

Vertical packing machine vs pillow packing machine

Vertical packaging machine refers to a vertical form fill seal machine(VFFS machine), the coil is usually at the upper end of the machine. The coil is made into a shaped packaging bag by the bag maker, and then the process of filling, packaging, and sealing is carried out. It can be used for granules, powders, liquids, and pastes. It has a wide range and can save a lot of factory area.

Pillow packaging machine refers to a horizontal form fill seal machine(HFFS machine), the packaged items are horizontally transported by the conveyor to the film inlet (at this time the film is already cylindrical through the bag maker, and the packaged items will enter the cylindrical packaging material), and then undergo heat sealing, The process of pumping or aspirating, cutting, etc. completes the packaging. Foods such as buns, chocolates, biscuits, instant noodles, etc. are all packaged by pillow packaging machines. Compared with vertical packaging, Pillow packaging equipment is mainly used to pack relatively stylish individual items or integrated items such as blocks, straps, and balls. 

Vertical packing machines in stock
Vertical Packing Machines In Stock
Pillow packaging machine in stock
Pillow Packaging Machine In Stock

How to choose a reliable vertical packing machine manufacturer?

Presumably, you are also very worried about various issues when purchasing products, so choosing a reliable packaging machine manufacturer can bring you great convenience. You can consider the following points when choosing a reliable manufacturer:

1. First of all, high-cost performance is the first principle. When choosing a packing machine manufacturer, we must pay attention to choosing a manufacturer with mature production technology and stable quality, so that the packaging can be faster and more stable, so as to achieve low energy consumption, low manual work, and low waste rate;

2. In terms of after-sales service, it is necessary to choose “in the circle” to have a good reputation. Timely after-sales service, available on call to ensure that the after-sales service is guaranteed;

3. The packaging machine trusted by the industry can be given priority, and it must be distinguished whether it is a manufacturer or a trading company;

4. Looking for professional custom design manufacturers. He can customize the design of the assembly line according to product characteristics, packaging film materials, and site conditions, and the production line is mature and complete.

Henan TOP Machinery Company is a professional packaging machine factory. We have been engaged in the packaging machine manufacturing industry for many years. Our products are loved by customers around the world. And we are worthy of your trust!

Tips to choose a correct vertical form filling sealing machine

Many buyers are novice buyers and don’t know how to buy a vertical packaging machine, so please tell us the following important information when you inquire about the packaging machine plan, so that we can provide suitable packing solutions for your business. The scheme is for your reference and choice:

1. What are the materials you need to pack?

2. What kind of bag is needed? (Back-seal bag, three-side seal, four-side seal, or something else)

3. Need to pack more than one pack? Or how many/package?

4. Do I need to print the production date?

5. Are there any requirements for the fuselage? Are all stainless steel bodies required? Or should the material contacting part be made of stainless steel body?

6. Is the measurement accuracy high? (For automatic packaging machine)

Contact us today for the best price

Vertical packaging machine for sale by our factory has good performance and absolutely excellent after-sales service. In addition, it has lower operating costs and factory prices, and can also save you plant space, and simple and efficient operation, so choosing a quality vertical packaging machine can greatly benefit your business. Furthermore, we also provide other different types of packing machines, such as pillow packaging machines, vacuum packaging machine, etc. Welcome to contact us today and look forward to hearing from you.