2 sets of sunflower seed granule packing machines sold to Morocco dealer

Good news! We successfully cooperated with a dealer in Morocco about 2 sets of granule packaging machines for sunflower seeds.Our sunflower seed granule packing machine has great efficiency, good performance and long service life, which meets his needs.

The end customer has the following requirements:

  • Packing granule: sunflower seeds
  • Sealing methods: back seal
  • Bag size: 13x15cm
  • Including hopper, packing machine, English control screen, Electric eye tracking and  a set of spare parts(cutting blade, heating pipe, Temperature sensing wire, relay, film pulling wheel)
  • With date printer & inflatable device
Sunflower seed granule packing machine
Sunflower Seed Granule Packing Machine

Solution for sunflower seed packaging

According to the above requirement, we recommend our sunflower seeds granule packaging machine.

This machine can realize back sealing, and the packing weight is very accurate, the error is about 1 gram, and it can be adjusted to make the packing weight more accurate.

Besides, Our small granule packing machine is self-produced and self-sold, the machine price is favorable compared with other suppliers, while the machine quality is also excellent.

Good praise about our service

During the conversation, this customer is very satisfied with the services we provide, including our product quality, customization ability and after-sales service. Therefore, when choosing a partner, he chose us without hesitation.

Final order list for Mocorro

Automatic volumetric
Sunflower seed packing
Automatic volumetric sunflower seed packing machine
Model: SL-320
Packing speed:30-80bags/min
Bag style: back seal/3-side seal
Voltage:220v 50hz, 1 phase
2 sets
machine list for Mocorro


Are you looking for a packing machine for granules? If yes, contact us and tell us your requirements, such as packing materials, sealing method, budget, etc., and our professional manager will offer the best solution to you.

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