Uganda customer purchased pillow wrapping machine for cookie packing

Our pillow packaging machine has various models, which can pack many kinds of materials, such as cookies, soaps, vegetables, etc. Recently, a customer in Uganda wanted to pack biscuits, so he contacted us for more details. And his order requirements are as follows:

  • Packing items: Cookies
  • Packing method: 1 pc in one bag
  • Cookie size: Minimum diameter is 5.08cm, thickness is 7mm or 8mm; maximum diameter is 12.7cm, thickness is 20mm
  • Voltage: 220v, 50hz, single phase electricity

How to meet customer’s demands?

Our 350-model pillow wrapping machine is perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers. The machine has a precise packing capacity, which can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the cookies to ensure that each packaged cookie is the right size.

The pillow packaging machine adopts advanced technology and an efficient operating system, which can realize a fast and stable packing process. Packing one package at a time not only ensures the freshness of the cookies, but also improves the packing efficiency.

Pillow wrapping machine for cookie packing
Pillow Wrapping Machine For Cookie Packing

Testing video of pillow packing machine for Uganda

Our pillow wrapping machines will be tested after production to ensure normal and smooth operation. We also make video recordings and share it with our customers to make them confirm the good working condition of the machine.

testing video of the packing machine for cookies

Pillow wrapping machine parameters for Uganda

Cookies packing machine
Cookies packing machine
TH- 350
Voltage:220v 50hz,single phase
Film: Max width 250mm
Bag length: 90-220mm
Bag width:30-110mm
Product height:5-60mm
Packing speed:40~230bag/min
With one set of extra spare parts free
1 pc
Spare parts for freeBearings and v belt(2 pcs)
Tools box(1 set)
Cutter(1 set)
Heating pipes(2 pcs)
Temperature probe/thermocouple(3 pcs)
machine list for Uganda
Spare parts for pillow wrapping machine
Spare Parts For Pillow Wrapping Machine

How is our pillow packing machine for cookies in Uganda?

With our pillow packaging machine, our Ugandan customers can realize the efficient packaging of cookies, which meets their demand for packaging efficiency and packaging quality. They are very satisfied with our machine and said they would like to cooperate again when they have the chance.

Are you looking for a packing machine for your business? If yes, come and contact us now, We are committed to providing high-quality packaging solutions to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

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