Powder sachet packing machine with back seal meets needs of Congo

The Congolese customer is an emerging food company dedicated to providing quality food products. He wanted to purchase a powder sachet packing machine to fulfill their product packaging needs. Here are their packaging requirements:

  • 250 grams per bag for powder packaging;
  • The bag size is 13*19 cm (the width is 13 cm);
  • Back sealing method;
  • A coding function is required;
  • Voltage is 220 volts, 50 Hz, single phase;
  • When packaging, the machine needs to be packed in wooden crates.
Powder sachet packing machine
Powder Sachet Packing Machine

Our solution to this customer from Congo

Machine configuration adapted to the customer’s needs

We recommended our powder packaging machine with flexible configuration options to meet different specifications and requirements. We customized a machine to suit the customer’s needs, ensuring that each bag of powder weighed 250 grams and complied with the bag size requirement of 13*19 cm.

Add coding function to powder sachet packing machine

The customer requested that the bags be coded during the packaging process to ensure product traceability and identification. We added the coding function to the powder sachet packing machine, which can print relevant information on the bags according to the customer’s requirements to ensure the traceability and identification of the products.

Pack machine with wooden case

Considering the transportation needs of customers, we make sure the powder sachet packaging machine is safe and undamaged during transportation. We use sturdy wooden case packaging to effectively protect the machine from damage during transportation.

Purchase order for Congo

Packing machineModel: TH-320
Bag style: back seal
Packing speed: 24-60 bags/min
Bag length: 30-180mm
Bag width: 25-145mm(Need to replace the Former)
Filling range: 40-220ml
Power: 2.2kw
Size: 650*1050*1950mm
Remarks: With the coding part; packing grams: 250g
1 pc
machine list for Congo

Are you looking for suitable equipment that allows you to package powder? If so, contact us and tell us your needs (type of packaging, sealing method, etc.) and we will provide you with the most suitable solution.

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