Choose our sugar stick packing machine for Azerbaijan to optimize packaging process

A middleman from Azerbaijan was looking for an affordable and high-quality sugar stick packing machine to meet the needs of his end customers for efficient and high-quality packaging of sugar. After many comparisons and evaluations, they chose our 20g back seal small electric sugar packaging machine.

Sugar stick packing machine
Sugar Stick Packing Machine

Equipment selection and configuration

This sugar stick packing machine is specially designed for white sugar, each bag can be accurately dispensed 20g, and back-seal encapsulation is used to ensure good sealing performance of the product. In addition, it is equipped with a cursor coding function, which is convenient for production date and batch information printing.

The packaging machine runs on 220V, 50hz, single-phase power, which is in line with the local power standards in Azerbaijan.

At the same time, we equipped it with 300kg of paper film consumables (150kg each of brown and white, distributed by the manufacturer according to the need), a specific film width of 8.5cm, length of 12.5cm, the material used is MOPP/cotton paper/PE three-layer composite material, the thickness of 10 threads, to ensure that the packaging is both strong and beautiful.

The final order list is as below:

BF-200 packing machine
Bf-200 packing machine
Model: TH-200
Sealing method: Back seal
Packing Speed:10-20 bags/min
Weighing range: max 80g
(according to customer’s need)
Dimensions:450*550* 1480mm
Width of packing film: 5-20cm
Length of packing film: 3- 17cm
Power: 0.6kw
Hopper volume: about 3.5L

With Date Printer and Cursor
1 pc
sugar sachet
Sugar sachet
Total 300kg, brown and white paper film

machine list for Azerbaijan

Cooperation and feedback on the sugar stick packing machine

After confirming the equipment configuration and details of consumables, the Azerbaijani intermediary decisively placed an order to buy, and successfully applied this small electric packaging machine to the sugar packaging line.

Finished products- sugar sachets
Finished Products- Sugar Sachets

In the actual application, the machine is stable and efficient, which not only improves the packing efficiency, but also enhances the market image of the product, and has been widely praised by the end customers.

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