Iran uses our tea bag packaging machine to improve tea production efficiency and quality

A well-known tea producer in Iran produces high-quality tea with traditional techniques. With the growth of market demand, the low efficiency of manual packaging has become a bottleneck restricting its development. The enterprise urgently needs to introduce an automated tea bag packaging machine to improve packaging speed and standardization.

Tea bag packaging machine
Tea Bag Packaging Machine

Our solution

This Iranian tea producer was looking for high-end packaging for tea, nylon triangle bags, and the finished product should be beautiful and appealing to the customer’s eye.

Tea bag display
Tea Bag Display

In response to this customer’s needs, we recommended a triangle tea bag packaging machine designed specifically for tea. This machine adopts advanced packaging technology, which can quickly and accurately pack tea leaves into triangular tea bags, and ensure that each bag is accurately portioned and sealed tightly.

Positive impacts on Iranian tea packaging of Iranian companies

Improve tea packaging efficiency and product quality

After the introduction of our tea bag packaging machine, Iranian customers successfully realized the automation upgrade of tea packaging line. Packaging speed is significantly increased, greatly reducing the time from the production line to the market. At the same time, the standardized triangular tea bags not only enhance the brand image, but also ensure the freshness and taste consistency of the tea.

Increase economic profits

Iranian tea producers have highly praised our pyramid tea bag packing machine, saying that it has greatly improved the production process and increased economic efficiency. They praised the easy operation and maintenance of the machine, and expressed their willingness to deepen the cooperation with us on packaging solutions.

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