Soap packaging machine

Model TH-250
Bag Length 100-600 mm
Bag Width 50-110 mm
Product Height max 40 mm
Packing speed 5-200 bags/min
Dimension (L)4020*(W)720*(H)1450mm
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Soap packaging machine widely applies to various shapes of soaps packaging. Most factories use pillow soap wrapping machines to pack bar soap. The shape of soap is definite and uneasy to deform. While pillow packing machine is quite suitable for this kind of object. You just need to install packing film, set up appropriate parameters on the control panel about packaging speed, mid sealing temperature, and end sealing temperature, etc., then put soap on the conveyor belt. Starting up the machine and you will get packed soaps. Besides packing single soap, it also can package several soaps together into one bag, highly improving working efficiency. Pillow packing machine makes large-scale soap packaging come true. Furthermore, we support customization services according to the size of your product and your actual requirements.

Soap packaging machine for sale

There are various types of soap packaging machines for sale. Main models include TH-250, TH-350, TH-450, TH-600, and so on. Their differences are in the position of film rollers, types of conveyor belt, the height of equipment, packaging speed, bag length and width, the amount of cutter, etc. Which one is suitable for your soap depends on the size of the final products. A single soap packaging usually adopts the TH-250 flow wrapping machine. If you want to package a rank of soaps into one bag, other models of the pillow-type packaging machine can meet the need. Are you looking for a soap packing machine? Welcome to get in touch with us for more details.

Soap packaging machine
Soap Packaging Machine

TH-250 Pillow Packing Equipment Parameters

  • Bag Length: 100-600 mm
  • Bag Width: 50-110 mm
  • Product Height: max 40 mm
  • Packing speed: 5-200 bags/min
  • Power:220V, 50/60Hz, 2.4KVA
  • Weight:800Kg
  • Dimension: (L)4020*(W)720*(H)1450mm
  • Note: can be customized

Features of soap wrapping machine

  1. An ordinary soap pillow packaging machine is equipped with two electric motors. The small motor controls the film pulling and feeding, and the large one controls the materials feeding, sealing, and cutting.
  2. PLC control panel can set up language, bag length, packaging speed, printer mark, counting, mid and end sealing temperature, etc.
  3. The width of the bag former can be adjusted a little when the film rollers are under the platform, while it’s not adjustable when film reels are above the platform.
  4. High-sensitive photoelectric eye tracking makes the cutting position more accurate.
  5. Single cutter, double cutter, and three cutters are optional according to your requirements.
  6. The emergency button is designed as a safety precaution.
  7. The electric box is covered by baking paint for anti-corrosion.
  8. Customization service is available.

Various applications of soap packaging machine

Soap packaging machine widely applies to diverse sizes of soap. A pillow packing machine for soap is suitable for square, circular, oval, and other definite shapes of soaps with different widths, lengths, and heights. Besides soap packaging, the pillow packing machine can apply to various food and non-food objects, such as masks, towels, clothes, woodwork, bread, moon cake, biscuit, vegetable, fruit, etc. If you also want to pack other products, you also can contact us and get more information. And we can adjust some sizes of components of equipment according to the sizes of your products so that it’s more suitable for your products. Besides, we support customization services.

Soap bar packaging style display
Soap Bar Packaging Style Display

Structures and details about the soap packing machine

Soap packing machine consists of a PLC control panel, stainless steel feeding platform, conveyor belt, film roll device, bag former, pulling film wheels, heat sealing cutter, etc. The PLC control panel can set up language, packaging speed, bag length, the switch of photoelectric eye tracking, mid and end sealing temperature, etc. The feeding platform with a conveyor belt provides service for putting materials in rank. The servo film conveyor belt is more intelligent than the conveyor belt with chain and lock blocks, detecting materials length and saving film. If the material is easy to fold, the film rolls device under the platform is a good idea. While film roll above the platform can pack those products uneasy to deform. The pulling film wheels are responsible for pulling the film, ensuring the film moves forward. For the heat sealing cutter, there are a single cutter, double cutter, and three cutters optional, which match different bag lengths.

What affects the soap packing machine price?

The price of the pillow packing machine for soap is closely related to the components of the equipment. Firstly, the widths of the conveyor belt and bag former are designed for the packing objects. Their costs differ in their sizes. Secondly, there are the servo film conveyor belt and conveyor belt with chain and lock blocks optional. The former price is higher than the latter. Thirdly, single cutter, double cutter, and three cutters require different costs. Besides, do you need some other devices, like a date printer, sponge, brush, etc.? You can purchase them together with the machine according to your needs. Furthermore, OEM service is available. All above are the factors that can affect the final price. Get in touch with us for the best price.

Why choose us as your top soap wrapping machine manufacturer?

  1. We have rich experience in designing, researching, manufacturing, and supplying various kinds of packing machines. Our company, Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 1992. And our machines have a great reputation for their good quality and competitive price.
  2. Nowadays, our products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, such as the US, Canada, Australia, England, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.
  3. We have an extremely strict inspection system for our machines. Before shipment, we will send photos and videos to you. English manual and video are provided to help you install and operate the machine. If you have any questions about our products, 24-hour online service is available.
  4. We supply custom service about soap wrapping machine on the basis of your specific requirements. And we can customize voltage according to your country.

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Soap packaging machine highly improves soap packaging efficiency. The soap packaging machine for sale mainly refers to a pillow packing machine, which can pack various kinds of soaps, such as square, circular, oval, irregular shapes, etc. Besides single soap packaging, it also can pack several soaps into one bag. The pillow packing machine also can apply to other objects, like masks, towels, clothes, woodwork, biscuit, bread, fruit, vegetable, and so on. When you purchase a soap packing machine, you’d better tell us the sizes of your product so as to help you choose a suitable machine, adjusting some sizes of components. In addition, we support customization services based on your actual situation. Are you interested in our products? Contact us today for the best price.