Reciprocating pillow packing machine

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Reciprocating pillow packing machine can be seen as an updated pillow packaging machine. There are three sponges on the three sides of the packaging object in order to exhaust air in the bag when it’s sealing and cutting the end side. The equipment can be suitable for food, vegetable, fruit, disposable products, plasticine, stationery, electrical accessories, instructions, plastic products, medical products, laundry supplies, cleaning tools, etc. The packaging bag with a gusset on the sealing place or not is optional. It adopts a control screen, convenient to set up the packaging speed, bag-making length, using language, and so on. Besides, customization service is available according to your needs.

Reciprocating pillow packing machine for sale

Reciprocating pillow type packing machine for sale in Top(Henan) Packing Machine includes type TH450W and TH600W. They differ in bag-making width, machine size, and gross weight. These two models of the machine both can complete the process of feeding, middle sealing, end sealing, and cutting. The reciprocating servo packing machine adopts advanced dual-frequency, convenient to control bag length, saving packaging time and film. Digital entering makes it cutting position accurately. It also has the function of positioning stop. Besides, we also provide the shisha charcoal packing machine, and ordinary pillow packing machine. Furthermore, we support customizing the equipment in accordance with your requirements.

Reciprocating pillow packing machine
reciprocating pillow packing machine

Reciprocating pillow packing equipment parameters

Film widthMax.450mmMax.600mm
Bag-making length120-450mm120-450mm
Bag-making width50-160mm50-200mm
Production height10-100mm10-100mm
Packaging speed20-80bags/min20-80bags/min
Power specification4.2KW/220V, 50/60HZ4.6KW/220V, 50/60HZ
Machine dimension(L)4380*(W)870*(H)1500mm(L)4380*(W)970*(H)1500mm
Gross weight800kg900kg

Features & benefits of reciprocating pillow packing machine

  1. Reasonable design, stable property, servo system, wide applications, simple operation
  2. Touch screen is easy to set up packaging speed, bag length, etc.,displaying clearly.
  3. Servo conveyor belt is sensitive to the length of objects, sealing and cutting precisely.
  4. Using advanced double transducers saves packaging time and film.
  5. Troubleshoot itself automatically and display on the screen.
  6. Be equipped with photoelectric detector for positioning accurately.
  7. The end sealing device with glass cover is designed as a safety precaution.
  8. Non-stick cutter does not waste the packaging film.
  9. OEM service is available based on your needs.

Reciprocating pillow packaging equipment structure

Reciprocating pillow packing machine consists of conveyor belt, film feeding device, bag maker, touch screen, middle sealing device, end sealing and cutting device, discharge port. The conveyor belt has two kinds of conveyor belt, servo one and chain with lock catch. The former is sensitive for the length of objects on the belt, beneficial for sealing and cutting accuracy. The latter need to adjust the length between two lock catches in accordance with the length of the object. Touch screen manage the whole machine’s parameters adjustment. Multi-link film roll shaft is used to coordinate the film pulling and makes the film smooth. The end sealing and cutting device can be equipped with gusset to make bag with a good appearance. Besides, the gusset device needs to match a air compressor when it works.

Reciprocating pillow packing machine structure
reciprocating pillow packing machine structure

Wide applications of reciprocating wrapping machine

Reciprocating pillow packing machine widely applies to those objects with regular shapes, such as bread, biscuit, moon cake, instant noddles, vegetables, fruit, disposable hotel supplies, disposable tableware, disposable medical articles, medical gowns, mask, disposable syringe, washcloth, paper box, tray, plasticine, eraser, electrical accessories, instructions, plastic products, soap, sponge, clean ball, rubber gloves, towel, hardware, woodwork, etc. It also can be used in the packaging of the materials in a box. Its wide applications make it be popular in packaging industries as one kind of flow wrapping machine. If you make sure what you want to package, you can get in touch with us, and we will recommend the most suitable machine for you based on your actual situation.

Reciprocating pillow packing equipment applications
reciprocating pillow packing equipment applications

Reciprocating pillow packaging machine Vs. ordinary pillow packaging machine

Ordinary pillow packing equipment has a single cutter, double cutter, three cutters optional, exhaust sponge needing extra adding. While reciprocating pillow packing machine adopts a straight knife for cutting, three sides with sponges to exhaust the air in packaging bag. They both can be equipped with gusset devices, but the reciprocating one makes the packaging bag better. So if you want to pack materials into a gusset bag with a good appearance, the reciprocating wrapping machine is a great choice compared with the common one. Besides, the reciprocating packing equipment has a glass cover on the place of sealing and cutting device because of safety reasons. In addition, as a machine manufacturer and supplier, we also provide packaging machines for powder, granule, liquid, etc. Browsing the website, get in touch with us to get more details.