Shisha charcoal packing machine

Model TH-280
Packing speed 40-230bags/min
Packing length 65-190mm or 120-280mm
Bag width 50-110mm
Voltage 220V50HZ 2.5kw(adjustable)
Dimension (L)3920×(W)670×(H)1210mm
Weight 500kg
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Shisha charcoal packing machine or hookah charcoal packing machine is a kind of horizontal flow wrap machine. It is powered by electricity and is controlled by an intelligent PLC control system. With 304 stainless steel material and a reasonable structure, the shisha charcoal wrapping machine is durable and has a long service life. Besides, it is quite easy to install, operate, and maintain. Shisha charcoal packaging equipment for sale from Henan Top Packing Machinery enjoys high quality and competitive prices. And are loved by lots of customers. Welcome to contact us for the latest price.

Shisha charcoal packing machine
Shisha Charcoal Packing Machine

Detailed components of the ring shisha charcoal packing machine

A hookah charcoal packaging production line is mainly composed of a conveyor belt, a feeding machine, and a pillow packing machine. After the operator puts the raw materials on the conveyor belt, it will transport them to the feeding machine. The material feeder can separate these shisha charcoals and combine them into groups for packaging. There are lots of lock catches on the flow wrapping machine so that the equipment can make the hookah charcoal keep a cylindrical shape packaging. If you need to package them into cartons, we supply carton sealing and strapping machines as well. Welcome to consult us if you are interested in this type of packing machine.

Features of hookah charcoal packaging machine

  1. excellent design, simple structure, stable performance
  2. PLC intelligent control system, easy to operate and upgrade
  3. Reliable safety protection devices to ensure the safety of operators
  4. Servo motor system, perform accurately and efficiently
  5. Independent temperature PID control, suitable for packing various film materials
  6. Low noise, energy saving, and factory price

How to package shisha charcoal with the pillow packing machine?

Do you know these about hookah charcoal packing machine?

Actually, the Shisha charcoal packing machine for sale is a kind of pillow packing equipment, it can wrap shisha charcoal briquette tightly and beautifully. Therefore, it is convenient to store and sell. As one of the leading packing machine manufacturers in China, we have a strong production capacity, and we support OEM/ODM service to meet any of your specific requirements, such as body material, power, machine dimension, motor brand, etc.

We admit that our hookah charcoal packing machine price is absolutely favorable. If you are looking for a quality shisha charcoal wrapping machine, get in touch with us today to boost your business. And if you want to be our agent, please let me know, and we will send you detailed related information.

Shisha charcoal flow wrapping machine parameters

Film widthMax 280mm
Bag width50-110mm
Products hightMax40mm
Film roll diameterMax320mm
TextureStainless steel
Packing length65-190mm or 120-280mm
Packing speed40-230bags/min
Voltage220V50HZ 2.5kw(adjustable)

What is the shisha charcoal packing machine price?

Shisha charcoal packing machine price depends on many factors like order quantity, body material, accessories brand, shipping cost, etc. So shisha charcoal flow wrapping machine cost varies and is unstable. But we can make sure our hookah charcoal packing machine price is quite competitive and reasonable. If you are interested in this equipment, please email us or leave your message below, and we will send you the best price.

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As a comprehensive packing machine manufacturer and supplier, Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd provides excellent horizontal wrapping machines for hookah charcoal with good performance and reasonable price. Furthermore, we offer custom service to meet your special need. With factory direct and good quality, our machines can greatly benefit your business. Send your requirements and we will reply to you as soon as possible.