Plastic pouch & woven bag rice packing machine

December 02,2021

As one kind of grain, rice is the basic food for supplementing nutrients. Rice porridge has the effects of nourishing the spleen, harmonizing the stomach, and clearing the lungs. It is known as “the first of five kinds of grains”. Rice is the staple food of more than half the world’s population. Rice often is sold in the form of loose weighing or packaged by plastic pouch or woven bags.

Rice granules
rice granules

Whether in plastic bags or woven bags, our company has correspondent rice packing machines. Vertical granule packing machine and multi-head combination packing machine is used plastic film making bags. The former can make packaging bags within 200mm width and 180mm length. The latter is suitable for the packaging bag making it not more than 350mm width and 400mm length.

Rice granule packing machine
rice granule packing machine

For bigger bag rice packaging, we provide the 5-50 rice granule filling machine. The equipment applies to both plastic bags and woven bags. Due to the differences between the two kinds of bags, it requires to match different sealing machines. The plastic pouch needs a heat seal machine, while woven bags should use the sewing machine. Therefore, it can be equipped with both types of sealers if you need them both.

In addition, there is vacuum rice packaging. Rice brick is an extremely common form of rice packaging. Fill rice into a vacuum plastic bag, then put the bag into rice brick mold, and finally place them in the vacuum chamber. The vacuum rice packing machine can seal the bag in the shape of a brick. Vacuum packaging is an effective method to prevent grain from mildew, dampness, worm, spoilage. A lot of rice brick mold sizes are for choosing.

These types of rice packaging machines also can be used for other grains, such as millet, mung bean, wheat kernel, red bean, barley, and so on.

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