Bagged Juice & Bottled Juice Packing Machine for Sale

December 13,2021

Juice is a kind of liquid that comes from fruit or vegetables. Fruit juice is the product obtained from fresh fruit by physical methods such as squeezing, centrifugation, extraction, etc. The fruit juice retains most of the nutrients in the fruit, such as vitamins, minerals, sugars, and pectin in dietary fiber. Drinking fruit juice regularly can help digestion, and supplement the lack of nutrients in the diet. Fruit juice contains a lot of water and sugar. After drinking, it can quickly supplement the water and energy consumed by the body due to exercise. A small amount of carbon dioxide in the juice enters the intestines and stomach, which will take away part of the body’s heat and play a role in cooling down the heat.

Fruit juice
fruit juice

There is the juice pouch packaging machine and the bottled juice filling machine for sale in Henan Top Packing Machinery. For juice bag packaging, we provide vertical liquid packing equipment and pre-made bag packing equipment. The former is suitable for back center seal bag, 3-side seal bag, or 4-side seal bag by matching with correspondent sealing and cutting device. While the latter applies to various shaped bags, such as stand-up pouch, bags with a spout, 3-side seal, 4-side seal, irregular shape bag, and so on.

Automatic juice bag packaging machine
automatic juice bag packaging machine

For bottled juice packaging, we supply semi-automatic juice fillers and multi-head automatic juice fillers. The semi-auto type juice filler is popular in small and medium businesses because of its low cost, small occupied space, portability, simple operation, etc. If you want to mass production, a multi-outlet automatic juice filler is a good idea. And the equipment can match with bottle unscrambler, labeling machine, carton sealing machine, coding machine, and other machines to composed of a production line. The number of spouts can be customized according to the customer’s needs.    

In our daily life, some juice may contain pulps. For this, we need to choose equipment that can package juice with granular pulps. In our company, the U-type paste filling machine can realize it. The U-type hopper is equipped with a stirring device to make raw material evenly. Besides, the equipment can be used in sauce, honey, jam, shampoo, shower gel, etc. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us.

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