How do I choose a packing machine?

June 24,2021

Packing machine has been widely applied food, daily use chemical, pharmaceutical fields, etc. There are all kinds of packaging machines in the market. Are you confused about how to choose a packing machine? Today we will discuss this topic here. Hoping the article can give you some useful suggestions.

Snacks granule packing machine for sale
snacks granule packing machine

Types of materials we need to pack

We can choose a packing machine from the types of products we need to pack. If the material is powder, like coffee powder, milk powder, spice powder, flour, cornflour, and so on, it’s a good idea to choose a powder packaging machine. For liquid, we had better choose a liquid packing machine. While about solid, we can choose granule packaging machine, tipping bucket packing machine, lapel packaging machine, or pillow packing machine. Granule packing machine is suitable for small granules, such as coffee bean, peanut, broad bean, white seed, detergent, etc. A tipping bucket packaging machine can pack different kinds of materials into one bag. Lapel packing machine applies to big granule with a big bag, like popcorn, chips, biscuit, and so on. And pillow packaging machine is suitable for regular shapes products, such as bread, Swiss roll, moon cake, towel, mask, clothes, etc. Besides, a vacuum packing machine is the best choice for perishable food.

Th-350 pillow packing equipment
TH-350 pillow packing equipment

Commercial packing machine or domestic packaging machine

Commercial packaging machine usually applies to large-scale packaging. While a domestic packing machine is suitable for small-scale packaging. Compared to domestic packing equipment, commercial one requires more effective packaging speed because the working efficiency is related to the product’s profits at the same time. Besides, when we purchase a packing machine, we also should notice that the packing machine is commercial or domestic because some commercial packaging machine is not suitable for household voltage. And it’s not safe. So we should choose the packing machine according to our actual requirements in commercial or home use.

Packing speed

Packaging speed is an important factor when we choose a packing machine. The packing speed directly determines the amounts of packed products we can get within the same time. Generally speaking, packing machine is divide into automatic packing machine and semi-automatic packaging machine on the basis of the degree of automation. The automatic packing machine works more efficiently than the semi-automatic packaging machine. For instance, the automatic bag packing machine can automatically complete the whole process of bag forming, dating printing, weighing, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting. While semi-automatic bag packaging machine only provides weighing, filling, and sealing functions. Besides, the same kind of packing machine may run at different packing speeds as well due to the technology adopted.

On the basis of packaging types

On the basis of the types of packing styles, there are a bag packing machine, carton packaging machine, and bottle packing machine. Which kind of packaging style do we want? Is it bag packaging, carton packaging, or bottle packaging? For example, if we want bag packaging, we should choose a bag packing machine. The bag packaging styles are back seal, 3-side seal, 4-side seal, pyramid bag, etc. Then we should consider what product we want to pack, and this product is suitable for which one kind of packaging style. Finally, we can look for which type of bag packing machine can pack this kind of packing style, and we will get our own answer.

Packaging bag styles
packaging bag styles

Packing machine price

The packing machine price is an indispensable factor when we choose a packing machine. The packaging machine price is closely concerned with our costs. Purchasing a packaging machine at a high price means we spend more money on the equipment. So we had better choose an excellent packing machine at the best price. Sometimes, the product we want to pack can apply to several types of packing machines. We can compare them from various parameters and choose a packaging machine with a proper price. If you are rich and do not care about the price, you can choose anyone you want as long as it can meet your actual needs.

Various types of packing machine for sale

Packing machine in TOP Machinery for sale are powder packaging machine, granule packing machine, liquid packaging machine, vacuum packing machine, lapel packing machine, and pillow packaging machine. Besides, we provide specific food packing machine, such as spice packing machine, tea packaging machine, coffee packing machine, snacks packing machine, candy packaging machine, chips packaging machine, popcorn packing machine, biscuit packaging machine, etc. Furthermore, we support OEM service according to your requirements. If you are interested in our products, contact us now and get the best price.

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