What shall we consider when purchasing a bag packing machine?

July 09,2021

Various kinds of bag packing machines are on the market for sale. The most common equipment includes powder bag packaging machine, granule bag packaging machine, liquid bag packaging machine, pillow bag packaging machine, vacuum bag packaging machine, etc. While what shall we consider when we purchase a bag packing machine? Five tips are as follows.

Bag products display
bag products display

Make sure what material we want to pack.

We can choose bag packaging equipment according to the status and shapes of the materials. If the material is powder, granule, or liquid, we had better purchase a specific packaging machine for powder, granule, or liquid. The skilled powder, granule, or liquid bag packaging machine adopts different devices for weighing. For instance, powder packing equipment pushing materials through a screw. Granule packing machine is equipped with measuring cup, and liquid packing equipment has pipes. If the material is solid with a definite shape, we can choose pillow packing machine. For fresh meat, vegetables, and fruits, vacuum packing machine is a good idea for extending shelf life.

Packaging bag size  

When we buy a bag packing machine, it’s inevitable to think how long and wide the packaging bag is. Every bag packing machine has its own scope of packaging, so we need to notice which one can satisfy our requirements. We can first figure out the width and length of bag according to the volume of material we want to pack. Then select equipment based on the parameters about the weight of the material, bag width and length.

Various bag sizes
various bag sizes

Packaging speed

Packaging speed is closely concerned with production efficiency. If a bag packing machine produces more than the other within the same time, it can highly improve working efficiency and save production time. Yet it’s not mean the faster, the better. We should choose in accordance with our real needs about production. The most suitable one is the best.


The space putting machine is a very important condition for us when we select and buy a machine. We could not worry about it if space is enough. But sometimes the bag packing machine may also be limited to the space that the equipment places in. If the space is small with a high ceiling, vertical packing machine is ideal. If the ceiling is not high but with big floor space, it’s a good idea to choose horizontal packing machine.

Vertical granule packing machine for sale
Vertical Granule Packing Machine
Horizontal packing machine structure
Horizontal Packing Machine Structure


Price is one of the decisive factors for purchasing a bag packing machine. Generally speaking, small packing machine is cheaper than the larger one because the large bag packing equipment costs more. Besides, the more advanced technology means a higher price. For example, there are two conveyor belts optional for pillow packing machine, conveyor belt with chain and lock catches, and servo film conveyor belt. The latter is expensive than the former. Though the price is important, we also can not ignore the quality. Therefore, we should consider them comprehensively.


All above are tips about purchasing a bag packing machine. We had better not pursue one element but ignoring the others. Make sure the material we want to pack and the size of the packaging bag, comprehensively considering packing speed, the space putting the equipment, and the machine’s price. The most suitable one is the best for us.

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