What is a VFFS machine?

July 24,2021

VFFS machine is an abbreviation for Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine, usually applying to solid or liquid foods, like vertical packing machine. A vertical form fill sealing machine is a type of automated assembly-line product packaging system, commonly used in the packaging industry for food, and a variety of other products. The typical machine is equipped with a continuous flat roll of plastic film which can make bag for packaging materials. The machine can automatically finish the whole process of bag forming, weighing, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting. The packaging material refers to powder, granule, or liquid.

Snacks packaged in supermarket
snacks packaged in supermarket

What is VFFS packing machine used for?

VFFS packing machine has a widespread application in foods, chemical products, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products fields, etc. Food VFFS packing machine is greatly significant for bag packaging of various powder, granule, liquid, or paste, such as coffee powder, milk powder, spice, chilli powder, flour, cornflour, herb powder, matcha powder, snacks, biscuit, coffee bean, snacks, chips, popcorn, broad bean, tea, melon seed, peanut, nuts, candy, rice, oil, water, juice, soda water, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, salad dressing, peanut butter, jam, etc. Chemical products, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products are also suitable for the status packaging of powder, granule, liquid, or paste.

Various popular snacks
various popular snacks

What is the structure of VFFS packing machine?

VFFS packing machine body is made of stainless steel. It consists of the control panel, feeding device, bag former, sealing device, heat seal cutter. The function of the control panel is to set up packaging speed, bag length, sealing temperature, the switch of the photoelectric detector, counting setting, etc. Feeding device is used to transport material into packaging bags. There are screw conveyor and “Z” type conveyor alternatives. The bag former is the device to shape bags. The film will be formed through a sealing device and heat seal cutters. The photoelectric detector makes positioning and cutting more accurate. Back seal, 3-side seal, 4-side seal are optional.

What is VFFS packing machine for sale? 

VFFS packing machine for sale includes powder pouch packing machine, granule packaging machine, lapel packing machine, liquid bag packing machine, etc. They all belong to bag packing machine, and they can automatically complete the whole process of bag forming, metering, filling, sealing, cutting and counting. Powder packaging equipment measures the volume by the screw. Liquid packing equipment control the volume through measuring cups. Lapel packing equipment usually matches with multi-head scales weighing materials. While liquid packaging equipment adopts a pump for liquid transportation and vol measuring.

Coffee granule packing machine
Coffee Granule Packing Machine
Automatic liquid packing machine
Automatic Liquid Packing Machine

How does a VFFS (vertical form fill sealing machine) work?

Install film on the rolls for unwinding and tensing it. Draw the film forward through film pulling wheels or conveyor belts. Set up using language, packaging speed, bag lengths, sealing temperature on the control panel. Loading the materials you want to package, then start the machine. If you have the needs about date printer, nitrogen filling device, chain bag device, loading conveyor, outlet conveyor, etc., you can match them with packing machine, which will facilitate your business much.

What is VFFS packing machine price? 

The VFFS packing machine price is closely related to manufacturing material, technologies, the kind of material you want to pack, etc. The manufacturing material is crucial for the property of packaging materials. Different material has a different degree of anti-corrosion. The higher quality means higher costs. Besides, there are ordinary motor and servo motor optional. Servo motor is more intelligent, positioning accurate, so it’s more expensive than an ordinary motor. Another factor is the kind of material you want to pack. We provide packing machines for powder, granule, or liquid. Their prices are based on the different filling materials. So you’d better make sure which kind of material you want to package. If you want to get more details, useful suggestions and the best price, get in touch with us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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