Great Feedback about Powder Packing Machine from Japanese Customer

A customer from Japan got in touch with us in August. He wanted to buy a machine to pack the powder in stick bags. He told us the packaging effect he want to achieve for the final product, such as the and packaging weight, the length and width of the packaging bag, etc. During communication, we knew he was also looking for a roll film supplier. He was very happy when he knew we can make the roll film for him. We provide many solutions for him in various aspects. Finally, he chose our machine and he is satisfied with the equipment and roll film.

Roll film and final effect display
roll film and final effect display

We supply powder packing machines for 0-80g, 20-200g, 500-1000g, 1-3kg, 1-10kg, 5-50kg, etc. For powder stick bag packing, it is usually 0-80g per bag. So 0-80g type powder packaging machine is suitable for him. Unlike other materials, the powder is easy to fly in the air, not convenient to load material manually. It’s a better match with a loading machine. For this, we provide two solutions. One loading conveyor is an ordinary screw feeder, and the other one is a vacuum loading machine. Finally, our customer chooses the vacuum type one though its price is a little higher than the ordinary one.

Vacuum feeding adopts closed pipeline transportation, which can eliminate dust environmental pollution, improve cleanliness, making workshops clean. Besides, it occupies a small space and it can complete the powder conveying of narrow space. In addition, the powder packing machine is equipped with a PLC touch screen, simple to operate; four wheels, convenient to move; an emergency button and glass cover for a cutter as safety precautions, etc.

Powder packing equipment with vacuum feeder for stick bags
powder packing equipment with vacuum feeder for stick bags

When he received the machine and matching plastic packaging film, he is greatly satisfied with them. And he sends feedback pictures of the powder packaging machine to us. The satisfaction from our customers is our best motivation.

The feedback picture from our japanese customer
the feedback picture from our Japanese customer

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