DZ-600 Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine Delivered to Canada in December 2021

Good news! Our DZ-600 double chamber vacuum packaging machine is shipped to Canada in December 2021. The equipment is a little different from the standard model of vacuum double vacuum room packer. The standard model of the vacuum chamber is 40mm depth, while this machine’s depth of vacuum room is 100mm. It is customized according to the customer’s needs.

Double vacuum room sealer with 10mm depth capacity
double vacuum room sealer with 10mm depth capacity

Detailed data of standard DZ-600 double chamber vacuum packing machine

  • Model: DZ-600
  • Voltage: 380V/50HZ
  • Vacuum pump power: 1500w
  • Sealing power: 1600w
  • Number of sealing strips: 2*2pcs
  • Sealing chamber size: (L)670*(W)550*(H)40mm
  • Length of sealing strip: 600mm
  • Width of sealing strip: 12mm
  • Dimension: 1450*550*1000mm
  • Weight: 285kg
Th-600 brand of henan top packing machinery
Th-600 Brand Of Henan Top Packing Machinery

Why does he choose vacuum packaging equipment?

The purchaser is a businessman selling ham. He wants to package his hams by vacuum-sealing bags. For fresh meat packaging, the vacuum packing machine actually is a better choice than other packaging types because the vacuum environment can effectively preserve food from decay. Our sales staff recommended the double chamber vacuum packaging machine to him and told him our technicist can deepen the depth of the vacuum room to meet the size of the ham.

How does a double vacuum room sealer work?

There are 2pcs sealing strips in each vacuum chamber, and the double vacuum rooms take turns working. He just needs to fill hams into vacuum bags, then put them into the vacuum chamber, and finally close its cover after setting various running parameters. It is more efficient than a single chamber. The vacuum sealer requires special pouches to wrap food. We also supply these plastic pouches that are suitable for vacuum packaging. If you want to know more details of the double room vacuum packing machine, welcome to consult us.

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