Double Head Weigher Packing Machine Ready to Ship

Last month, we received an order from one of our old friends, he plans to start a new small nuts factory. And we suggested to him a multi-head weigher packing machine. Finally, he decided to order a double head weigher packing machine. This machine has unique features and advantages. For example, the two head weigher machine has super efficiency and excellent weighing accuracy. Besides, the packing machine price is highly favorable and affordable. We believe that this machine can help him gain profit in a short time. Next, let us have a complete overview of this semi automatic double head weighing filling machine.

Double head weigher packing machine
Double Head Weigher Packing Machine

Performance features of double-head weigher packing machine

  1. Adopting food grade stainless steel body material, hygienic and clean
  2. A simple structure and excellent design, easy to operate and maintain
  3. Using a PLC control system and large touch screen, easy to set parameters
  4. Multi languages optional
  5. High automation level. It can fully automatic complete the function of weighing, filling, sealing, and cutting
  6. Stable performance, long service life, weighing efficiently and positioning accurately
  7. Wide applications, ideal for various granular products
  8. Support OEM&ODM service

Double head weigher packing machine VS common vertical granule packing machine

Double head weigher packing machine here is designed for particles. It has some same characteristics as a common granule packing machine. For example, they are both suitable for packaging various particles. However, they have some differences. For instance, two head weigher packing machine needs a chain bucket to convey products. Moreover, it has two feed inlets, which can package at least two products into one bag. While common vertical granule packing machine just can pack one product at one time. Besides, the double head weigher machine does not have the function of automatic bag making, so it needs pre-made bags. And they have different prices, the double head weigher weighing filling machine has a high-cost performance.

Vertical granule packaging machine
Small Vertical Granule Packing Machine

How does a multi head weigher work?

This double head weigher packing machine is one type of multi-head weigher packing machine. This machine mainly consists of two parts, feeding parts and packaging parts. The feeding system is made up of two sets of chain bucket elevators. Products enter the container through the weighing process. And the container can be plastic bags, paper bags, aluminium film bags, bottles, etc.

Wide applications of these two head weigher packing machine

Actually, this double head weigher packing machine is a type of semi automatic granule filling machine with super efficiency features. And it is suitable for various granular products like nuts, seeds, grains, salt, rice, sugar, snacks, chips, beans, lentils, popcorn, candy, sunflower seed, etc. The packaging range of this machine is from 1kg to 10kg. With accurate weighing and stable performance, it can perfectly finish your packaging task.

Multihead weigher machine parameters

Machine typeDouble head weigher machine
Packaging range1KG~10KG
Packaging speed1200-2000bags/hour
Accuracy class1 class
PowerAC 220V 50HZ 500W
Dead weight100KG
Machine size600*600*1850mm
Packaging materialPlastic bag, paper bag, aluminium film, bottles

Note: support OEM/ODM service.

Related supporting machines

We need some supporting equipment for this machine in order to complete the whole packaging process, such as an elevator, and sealing machine. And if you use bottles as the container, we also provide a capping machine, labeling machine, etc. Want to start your business today? Email us or leave your requirements below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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