What is the water bottle packaging machine price?

November 29,2021

Water is called the source of human life and an important substance for supporting life. It is a colorless and odorless transparent liquid under normal temperature and pressure. Water is an essential substance for the normal metabolism of the human body. From this perspective, water packaging has a large market. The common water packaging on the market is bagged, bottled, or barreled. Among them, bottled water is popular for its portability. Do you know the price of the water bottle packaging machine?

Multi-head water bottle packaging machine
multi-head water bottle packaging machine

Why is the price of a multi-head water filling machine higher than a single outlet type?

Different types of water bottle packing machines need different costs. There are small single outlet filler and multi nozzles water filling equipment for bottles for sale in Henan Top Machinery. They both adopt the anti-drip device. The single outlet type requires placing the bottles under the outlet manually. While multi-head filler is equipped with a conveyor belt to transport bottles under the filling nozzles. Generally, the multi-head filler adopts more intelligent technology, working more efficiently, so the cost is higher than the single outlet one.

Semi-automatic single outlet liquid filler
semi-automatic single outlet liquid filler

Which type of water packaging machine is suitable for your business?

If the working place and budget are limited, the single head filler is a good choice. But for the assembly line production, the multi-head liquid filling machine is suitable. Meanwhile, we supply other machines that can realize the functions of date printing, labeling, carton sealing, etc. No matter you are a small, medium, or large company, we all can support correspondent solutions for your business. The final price of the water packaging machine depends on the specific situation. If you are interested in it, welcome to consult us.

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