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April 20,2022

Filling machine is quite widely used around the world. And it applies to lots of industries, such as food&beverage industry, cosmetic industry, pharmaceuticals industry, agriculture industry, etc. With a filling machine or a filling production line, it can greatly improve your efficiency and benefit your projects. This article will discuss a complete overview of filling equipment, including the definition of a filling machine, the types of filling machine, tips for choosing the right filling machine for your business, what differences and similarities between the filling machine and packing machine are, and the working principle of a filling machine. Let’s get started.  

What is a filling machine?

Filling machines or fillers are designed to fill product materials into containers, they can be bags, pouches, sachets, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, jars, cups, jumbo bags, cans, etc. And the filling object can be any form like granule, powder, liquid, or paste. Our most common products are pure water, mineral water, juice, oil, grains, seeds, corn, rice, ketchup, honey, etc. It is a great tool in modern society, and it can highly huge improve productivity.  

Automatic bottle filling production line
automatic bottle filling production line

Types of filling machines for sale

As we all know, there are various filling machines available at the market. And how many types filling machines are there? According to different filling objects, there are granule filling machine, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, and paste filling machine. And they are designed for different products with different features. According to different structure characteristics, there are a pump filling machine, gravity filling machine, overflow filling machine, molten filling machine, and flow meter filling machine. They are suitable for products of different viscosities. For example, pump filling machine is the most commonly used type of liquid/ paste filler all over the world. This filling machine has a high investment, but it has a wide range of applications and is ideal for packaging various different products.

How to choose a correct filling machine to suit your project?

If it is a raw material such as a liquid with high fluidity, filling is relatively simple and fast, but if the filling material is viscous, the raw material needs to be heated for smooth filling, or a piston filling machine can be used to fill the raw material. Different filling requirements require different filling machines. Some are suitable for liquid filling machines with high fluidity, some are suitable for paste filling machines, and some are suitable for granule filling machines. Therefore, Choosing a filling machine requires comprehensive consideration of your filling needs. Generally, we can start with these choosing tips:

1. Container: what type of container are you filling?

From the above, we know that containers can be bottles, bags, pouch, sachet, cans, jars, etc. One important key we buying a correct filling machine is that know much about the properties of the container. Because this will help determine which filling technique the machine uses because the properties of the bottle must be compatible with the filling method of the machine for the machine to work smoothly.

2. Products properties: what are the features of your products?

Some filling machines are designed for packaging liquid products, some filling machines are designed for packaging powder products. The viscosity of the product will help you determine what type of filling technique the machine uses to properly handle the specific properties of your product. When your products are liquid or paste, a pump filling machine is suitable for your project. And when your products are particles or semi-solid, a position filling machine or a gravity filling machine is suitable for your business.

3. Filling speed: what is your requirement for productivity?

Is faster better? Not really, it depends on your present and future production requirements. Smaller companies may sacrifice speed to save costs and space. A semi automatic filling machine or manual filling machine is a good investment for them. But it is likely to be unable to meet the production needs of medium companies and large companies.

Think these three buying tips for filling machine will help you make a wise decision. If you want to know more buying guidance for fillers, contact us and our skilled expert will give you a professional suggestion.

Multi-head oil filling and packaging machine
multi-head oil filling and packaging machine

What is the principle of a filling machine?

The principle of filling machine is basically the same, divided into normal pressure, high pressure, and negative pressure filling machine. It’s just that the normal pressure filling machine is filled by the self-weight of the material, the high pressure filling machine is filled in a high pressure environment, and the negative pressure filling machine is filled in an environment below the atmospheric pressure. Different types of filling machines are filled with different raw materials. For example, liquids with high fluidity are usually filled with atmospheric pressure filling machines, while pastes such as toothpaste, and ketchup are usually filled with high-pressure filling machines. The negative pressure filling machine can fill some toxic raw materials, which can effectively prevent the leakage of filling raw materials.

Filling machine vs packing machine

Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional filling machine and packing machine manufacturer. We provide a complete range of filling machines and pouch packing machines. Let`s take a complete overview of the similarities and differences between filling machine and packing machine.

Similarities: They are both designed and manufactured for packaging various products with high efficient features. Besides, they all have different types for handling different packaging requirements.

Differences: They have different functions. A packing machine can automatically finish the process of weighing, filling, bag making, sealing, and coding. While a filling machine does not have bag forming and sealing functions. In other words, they have different automation levels. Filling machines require more labor participation.

Vertical granule packaging machine
small vertical granule packing machine

What is the fully automatic filling machine price?

For customers who want to buy automatic filling machine, the first thing they want to know is the filling machine price. There are many kinds of automatic filling machines, and there is a big difference in the cost of different types of filling machine.

First of all, the demand of each customer is different, so basically, the price of each customer is different. If the filling of pure liquid materials, only the use of self-flow filling nozzle, such filling machine is usually relatively simple. But if your filling material is sticky, like shampoo, honey, you need to add a piston pump to run it smoothly, and the more the piston pump, the price is more expensive than, specific how many is your need according to how much you need a filling nozzle. In addition, when material is granular, or powder, such as this generally needs to be weighed after filling to ensure the filling accuracy of the product, that is, we call the weighing filling machine, this type of filling machine is usually more expensive than the self-flow filling machine.

Secondly, if your automatic filling machine also needs to add automatic capping machine, of course, the price is also different. Some customers even need to add automatic labeling machine, it can be said that it is basically a complete filling production line, a single automatic filling machine, and a filling production line, and the price must be doubled.


Filling machine plays a very important role in a modern society. It is a symbol of high production efficiency. But at the same time, a filling production line is not a small investment. Therefore, it is significant for us to choose the correct filling machine to benefit your projects. Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd has been involved in the filling machine industry for 30 years. Contact us today to get a custom filling solution for your business.   

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