UK customer ordered automatic tea bag packing machine

A UK company specializing in the sale of tea, located in Bolivia, chose our granular packaging machine when looking for an efficient tea packaging solution. Now let’s together see his needs, our solution and why chose us.

Automatic tea bag packing machine
Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine

Customer need

This customer is engaged in the tea business, and his own needs are very clear. He directly put forward the need for a machine suitable for tea packaging, requiring four-side sealing, flat mouth, and hoped to be able to cooperate with the use of roll film filter paper. And he paid great attention to the quality of the automatic tea bag packing machine and timely delivery.

Our solution

We provided a customized solution for our customer, recommending our rotary table type granule packaging machine for tea packaging, including customized four-side seal, flat seal, and roll film filter paper for supporting use.

  • We won his trust by showing them factory videos, machine demonstrations and certificates obtained.
  • For his concern about shipment, we emphasized that we have 13 years of export experience and work with stable shipping companies to ensure timely and accurate delivery.

Why choose us as automatic tea bag packing machine supplier?

This customer showed his satisfaction with our professional services and high-quality machines, so he finally chose us as their partner.

Moreover, we have been updating the production status of the tea bag packing machine with the customer during the manufacturing and production process of the machine. After the production is completed, we also test the machine and record the video to give feedback to the customer to ensure that the customer can understand the condition of the machine in time.

testing automatic tea bag packing machine shown to UK customer

Purchase order for the UK

Automatic tea packaging machine
Automatic tea bag packing
Model SL-320
Packing speed:30-80bags/min
Bag style): 4 side seal
Voltage:220v 50hz,1 phase
Customer request:
Packing granule: chamomile and orange leaves
Packing weight: 2 grams /bag
Including hopper, packing machine, English control screen,
Electric eye tracking and
a set of spare part(cutting blade,heating pipe,Temperature sensing wire, relay, film pulling wheel)
1 pc
Filter paperBag size 7x7cm
For packing tea, 2 grams in each bag
Each roll 300kg is 2,250 USD
Two rolls are 600kg
2 rolls
packing machine specifications for the UK

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