Export potato chips packing machine to Kenya

The customer is a businessman from Kenya who is currently engaged in the manual production of potato chips. He stated that he needed a granule packaging machine capable of packing 10 packets of chips per minute, despite the small output. The customer has detailed requirements for pack size and gram weight (shown below) and would like a recommendation for a suitable potato chips packing machine.

  • Packaging size: 26cm
  • Weight per bag: 50g per bag
  • Sealing type: back seal
Potato chips packing machine
Potato Chips Packing Machine

Our solution

Based on his specific needs, we recommended our dual-head weighing and back-sealing packaging machine. Throughout the process, we provided detailed machine video and parameter information so that the customer could understand the details of the machine in detail, and also took the initiative to propose discount requirements.

We enquired about the shipping cost and discussed the discount with the Kenyan customer, and finally decided to give away some accessories to facilitate the deal. In addition to this, we also ensured that a test run was conducted after the potato chips packing machine was manufactured to ensure the quality of the machine and the packaging results.

testing video about chips packing machine for Kenya

Final order for Kenya

Double-head packing machine
Double-head packing machine
Model: SL-450
Measuring volume: manual discharge
Power: 1.2kw
Weight: 400kg
Packing speed: 30-60 bags/min
Sealing type: back seal                  
Dimension: 870*1350*1850mm
Packing capacity: 10-1000g       
Hopper volume: 22L
Packing method: back seal
Voltage: 230v,50HZ
With Nitrogen functions
1 pc
Date printerFunctions: print the date on the  package1 pc
chips packing machine parameters

How to deliver potato chips packing machine to Kenya?

We wrap the chip packaging machine, then use wooden crates for packaging and work with experienced material companies for cargo transportation.

During the transportation process, we track and update the cargo information in a timely manner and communicate with the customer to ensure that the cargo is delivered on time.

Are you looking for a cost-effective packing machine for potato chips? If yes, contact us now for more machine details!

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