UAE ordered soap packing machine to expand the company’s business

Great news! This month we have a successful cooperation with a UAE company on the soap packing machine. Our soap pouch packing machine helps the UAE enter soap selling market. Now let’s see the case details.

Soap packing machine
Soap Packing Machine

Customer background & demands

Our client is a company from the UAE that specializes in the perfume business. The client is a decision maker, and has rich experience in the industry and strong purchasing intention, with sufficient purchasing power and import experience.

In order to expand their business, they decided to enter the soap market and purchased our soap packing machine for packaging and selling soap. They have a clear need for the bar soap packaging machine and are very concerned about quality and delivery time.

Final product show
Final Product Show

Successful cooperation with UAE

To facilitate the transaction, we followed up on the customer’s concerns promptly, demonstrated our strength, and quickly solved the customer’s various questions(such as machine capacity, length & width of final products, etc). By sending machine test videos and machine detail pictures, we demonstrated the high quality of the machine and the professional ability of our company.

Throughout the follow-up process, we maintained efficient communication. When the customer asked for specific information about the soap cube packing machine, we answered every question in detail and demonstrated the performance and advantages of the machine.

Finally, we reached a successful cooperation.

Automatic soap packing machine for sale
Automatic Soap Packing Machine For Sale

Order list for UAE

Pillow packing machine
Pillow packing machine
Model: SL-350
Power Supply:220V 50Hz 2.6kw
Bag Length: Unlimited
Bag width: 50-160mm
Packing height: 60mm
Packing Speed: 40-230 bags/min
Film Width: Max350mm
Machine Size:(L)4020×(W)745×(H)1450
With time printer function 
1 set
Cutter(3 pcs)
Heating pipe(4 pcs)
Temperature probe(4 pcs)
machine list for UAE

Notes on soap packing machine:

  • Raw material: soap, soap size 10(L)*8(W)*6(H)cm
  • Voltage: 220V, 50HZ, single-phase electricity

Testing packaging machine for soap wrapping for the UAE

video on testing pillow packing machine performance

Package and deliver soap packing machine

We have handled the soap packaging machine with solid packaging. Sturdy wooden crates are used to ensure that the machine is not damaged during transportation.

We coordinate with shipping companies that we have worked with for many years and arrange for efficient and fast transportation to ensure that the equipment reaches the UAE safely and on time.

Are you interested in the machine to pack soap? If yes. get in touch with us for more machine details!

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