Purchase peanut butter filling machine and labeling machine for Ecuador start-up

A buyer from a start-up peanut butter processing company in Ecuador contacted us via email. Since it was a start-up, the customer wanted to find the right equipment for their production needs. Through conversation, we learned that he needed the peanut butter filling machine and labeling machine for 500g jars.

Besides, the customer paid attention to the machine price and delivery date.

Peanut butter filling machine
Peanut Butter Filling Machine

Customized solution

According to the above customer’s needs and points of concern, and the actual situation of the customer’s enterprise, we recommend a single-head paste filling machine and a round bottle labeling machine for processing and packaging peanut butter.

  • The single-head peanut butter filling machine can fill 8-25 bottles per minute, and the filling range is 100-1000ml, the price is also moderate, which is very suitable for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • The same goes for the round bottle labeling machine, which is suitable for labeling customer’s round jars after filling peanut butter.

During the negotiation process, we understood the budgetary pressure of the customer as a start-up. After discussion, we offered a discount to the customer and finally concluded the deal. We also provided the client with free or discounted accessories to ensure that the client was able to use the equipment without any problems.

When it comes to machine transportation, because he has the freight forwarder, he needs to confirm the booking time in advance to ensure that the peanut butter filling machine can be shipped to Ecuador on time. In our communication with the customer, we confirmed the delivery time several times and ensured the delivery was on time.

Final order for Ecuador

With our customized solution, all the problems were finally solved successfully and the deal was closed. The client ordered the following machines:

Semi-filling paste machine
Semi-filling paste machine
Model: SL-G1
Power Supply:220/110V  50/60Hz (According to your needs)
Filling Range: 100-1000ml
Air Pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa
Packing speed: 8-25 bottles/min
1 pc
Automatic Labeling machine
Automatic labeling machine
Model: SL-35 (KP-35
Voltage: 220/110V  50/60Hz  
Labeling speed: 25-50Pcs/min
Label roll inner diameter:≥Ф75mm
Maxlabel rollout diameter:≤Ф250mm
Suitable bottle diameter:Ф40mm-100mm
Wide of labels: W150xL180mm
Machine dimensions: 130x80x80cm
Weight: 130kg
1 pc
machine order list for Ecuador

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