Glass jar vacuum capping machine for Oman’s canned fruit company

We’re very happy to share with you that we reached a cooperation with Oman about the glass jar vacuum capping machine.

Our customer is from Oman, a small-scale canned fruit company with small production demand but high-quality requirements. After up to six months of comparative research and discussion, they finally chose us. But why? Read on.

Glass jar vacuum capping machine
Glass Jar Vacuum Capping Machine

Our solution for Oman

  • Customize two different sizes of bottle molds. The customer needed an automatic vacuum capping machine capable of capping two different sizes of glass bottles. To meet this need, we customized two different-sized bottle molds for the customer. At the same time, for his smooth use, we decided to give him an extra set of molds.
  • Professional sales team. During the negotiation process, the customer paid a lot of attention to the quality and technical parameters of the machine. They asked for details about the machine and we patiently explained all the issues. In order to make sure the customer understood the machine, we provided detailed technical information and demonstration videos.
  • 2-year warranty. This glass jar vacuum capping machine is fit for hot/cold vacuum capping. We provide a 2-year warranty, and again any non-manual damage during that time, we offer our help free of charge.

The customer was very satisfied with our service and product quality. Finally, the customer decided to buy our vacuum capping machine and spoke highly of our service.

Purchase order for Oman

Vacuum capping machine
Vacuum capping machine
Suitable Cap Diameter:45-80mm 
Bottle Diameter:40-80mm
Bottle Height:60-130mm
Capping Speed:10-20bots/min
Machine Size:750*650*1400mm 
Machine Weight:160kg
1 set
machine list for Oman

Are you want an automatic vacuum capping machine for glass jar sealing? if yes, come and contact us for more machine details!

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