A day spent by a Qatari customer visiting our packing machine factory

Today is an important day for Shuliy, as we are about to receive a visit from a customer from Qatar to visit our packing machine manufacturing factory.

Airport pickup

In the morning, as agreed, Cathy, our salesperson, personally went to the airport to receive our customers, showing our enthusiasm and importance to them. We greeted them in a polite and professional manner, letting our customers feel our sincerity and professionalism.

Pick up qatari customer at the airport
Pick Up Qatari Customer At The Airport

Packaging machine factory tour

Upon arrival, Cathy and our Qatari customers went to our packaging machine production factory for a tour.

He was impressed by the advanced technology and efficient production process of our packaging machines. We showed the customer our production process, explained our quality control standards and production capacity, and gave him a better understanding of our products and services.

Packing machinery factory visit
Packing Machinery Factory Visit

Negotiate and reach cooperation

In the afternoon, we led our customer to the office and started the formal negotiation.

On the basis of fully understanding our products, both sides quickly reached a cooperation intention. We explained the terms of the contract in detail, and the customer was so impressed by our integrity and professionalism that he finally signed the contract directly and completed the payment procedures.

Sucessful cooperation on packaging machine
Sucessful Cooperation On Packaging Machine

Drop-off at the airport

After the negotiation, according to the client’s arrangement, we arranged the vehicle to send the client to the airport.

When saying goodbye, the client expressed that he was very satisfied with our services and products and looked forward to future cooperation. We also thanked our clients and expressed our welcome and expectation for them.

This day was not only an honor for us, but also an important opportunity for us to show our professionalism and quality service to our Qatari clients.

If you’re interested in our packaging machines, and want to visit our manufacturing plant, we’re looking forward to your contact!

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