Two-head yogurt filling sealing machine meets Venezuela’s production needs

As a company specializing in yogurt production in Venezuela, this customer has always been committed to providing high-quality yogurt products. To better meet the market demand, he felt that he decided to introduce Tianhui’s yogurt filling sealing machine to improve production efficiency and packaging quality.

Yogurt filling sealing machine
Two-Head Yogurt Filling Sealing Machine Meets Venezuela's Production Needs 7

Reasons for choosing Tianhui yogurt filling sealing machine

Efficient production

Tianhui’s yogurt filling machine is known for its efficient production speed. This is crucial for us as we need to ensure that we can produce enough yoghurt quickly when the demand is high.

Precise measurement

Yogurt products are critical to the accurate dosing of ingredients, which is not only related to the quality of the product, but also closely related to regulatory requirements. Tianhui yogurt cup filling machine ensures that the ingredients of each bottle of yogurt are accurate through the advanced dosing system.

Clear and beautiful appearance

The appearance of yogurt packaging is directly related to consumers’ desire to buy. With its fine packaging process, our yogurt filling sealing machine gives our products a clear and neat appearance, making them stand out on supermarket shelves.

Reliable after-sales service

We provide reliable after-sales service to our customers. Whether it is equipment adjustment or troubleshooting, as a manufacturer, we can respond in time and provide professional support to ensure that our customers’ production always run stably.

Machine list for Venezuela

Yogurt filling machineDouble-head yoghurt filling machine
Model: SL-2
Power: 220V/ 60hz, three-phase electricity 1.6KW
Packing speed: 1500-2000 cups/hour
Filling range: 10-500ml
Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
Size: 120012001750mm
Weight: 380 kg
double hopper + dust cover
1 pc
machine list for Venezuela

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