TH-450 pillow packing machine for sale to Spain

Recently, we successfully sent a pillow packing machine for sale to Spain. As a company with a passionate business in Spain, our Spanish customers often look for high-quality products in China. Recently, he decided to upgrade his packaging process to better serve his customers. On the recommendation of our professional manager, this customer chose a pillow packing machine for sale from Tianhui, expecting it to meet his needs.

Pillow packing machine for sale
Pillow Packing Machine For Sale

Why buy pillow packing machine for Spain?

Our Spanish customer is a regular importer from China, so when he needed a packaging machine, he came across our machines in his search and contacted us with great interest.

Our professional manager recommended our pillow packaging machine to him according to his needs and our machines are known for their high efficiency, wide applications and good packaging results. Not only that, our manager also sent him our successful cases, the customer felt very much in line with his needs after reading, so he placed an order.

Outstanding features of Tianhui pillow packaging machine

Horizontal pillow packing machine
Horizontal Pillow Packing Machine
  • Versatile customization: Our pillow wrapping machine offers diverse packaging options to accommodate different types and sizes of products. This feature makes us more comfortable in launching different product sizes.
  • Intelligent control system: Tianhui’s pillow packing machine for sale is equipped with an intelligent control system that allows us to easily adjust and monitor the entire packaging process through simple operation. This makes the machine easy to operate and greatly reduces training costs.
  • Packaging material adaptability: We care not only about the product itself, but also the packaging material. The pillow packaging machine has good adaptability and can be used with a variety of packaging materials to ensure that our product packaging is both beautiful and practical.

Machine list for Spain

Packing machineMode: TH-450
Film width: Max. 450mm
Length of bag: 130-450mm
Width of bag:50-180mm
Height of product Max70mm
Packing speed:30-180bags/min
Size :(L)4020×(W)820×(H)1450mm
1 pc
machine list for Spain

Package and delivery of pillow packing machine for sale

Our company offers a full range of packaging and delivery services to ensure that your buying experience is pleasant and smooth. Once you place an order for our pillow packing machine for sale, we will pack it immediately and use our professional logistics partners to ensure safe delivery of the equipment. We pay attention to detail at every step of the process to ensure that you receive your product in perfect condition.

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