Which is the best water filling sealing machine?

February 15,2022

Water is a necessary liquid for all lives, clear, colorless, and tasteless. Water packaging is widely applied in modern life. The common types are water in bags and bottles. Both water packaging processes include filling and sealing, but there are some differences because of packaging types, volumes, and shapes. Most people who are the first time to invest water packaging machine may want to ask which water filling sealing machine is the best.


Six tips to help you to choose a suitable mineral water packing machine

  1. What container do you want to use for water packaging? Pouch or bottle? Water pouch packing machine and water bottle filling and sealing machine differ a lot from their structure.
  2. If you want to buy a water pouch packing machine, do you need premade bags or not? Some water bag packaging equipment itself can make bag automatically. While premade bag feeding machine for water does not need this function.
  3. How many volume do you want to package per pouch or bottle? It can help you to choose a correspondent liquid pump.
  4. What is the production output per hour? It’s better to think from the real situation and the development in future.
  5. Do you have enough space to place the equipment? Take a look at the size of the machine before purchasing.
  6. How about your budget? Do not ignore quality because of price.
Multi-head water bottle packaging machine
multi-head water bottle packaging machine

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