How does a sugar sachet packing machine work?

February 24,2022

Sugar is a sweet substance, usually in form of small white or brown crystals. It is made from juices of various plants, making food or drinks sweet, such as in cooking, coffee, water, porridge, etc. The sugar is often sold in the form of weighing and bagged type. Bagged sugar is popular in the market, including sugar in a sachet, stick bag, pouch, standup pouch, etc. Among them, sugar sachet is widely applied in the industries of coffee, milk, porridge, and so on. It’s convenient to carry. Do you know how a sugar sachet packing machine works?

White sugar
White Sugar

What packing machine can be used to package sugar into sachets?

There are various packaging machines for sale in the market. Sugar is in form of small crystals, belonging to small granules. Most people choose TH-320 vertical granule packing machine to package sugar in sachets. This sugar sachet packaging machine can automatically finish the whole packaging process of metering, filling, bag making, sealing, cutting, and counting.

Th-320 vertical sugar packaging machine
Th-320 Vertical Sugar Packaging Machine

How to package sugar by the sugar sachet packing machine?

The sachet packing equipment for sugar is equipped with a turntable with measuring cups, a bag maker, a 3-side or 4-side sealing device, a cutter, and a PLC touch screen. The operator can set up packaging speed and bag length on the touch screen. Starting the sugar sachet packing machine, the bag maker will shape the plastic film into the sachet. Side sealing device seals the bag’s side. Then sugar falls into the packaging bag through the measuring cups. Finally, the sachet entered the end sealing and cutting device. We can see the production output on the touch screen.

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