What should notice about commercial vacuum packaging machine?

February 28,2022

Commercial vacuum packaging machine is widely used in food packaging solutions, especially for meat, seafood, and snacks. It has a simple structure in appearance, but we should take into account some precautions before using and installing the equipment. Before using the food vacuum packing machine, be sure to read the manual carefully and fully understand it. The installation of the machine is recommended to be performed by trained professionals. It’s better to pay attention to the safety precautions and requirements as follows. If you have any questions, contact the manufacturer or supplier as soon as possible.

Single chamber & double chamber vacuum sealer
Single Chamber &Amp; Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Safety precautions of the vacuum packing machine

  1. Confirm the power supply voltage and frequency used by the machine to avoid errors.
  2. The protective ground wire must not be removed, regardless of the use of three-phase four-wire (AC380/50Hz) or single-phase (AC220/50Hz) power supply.
  3. Power cables should be rolled when not in use, avoiding compression and pulling.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to use this machine in a corrosive and dusty environment.
  5. Do not replace parts on the machine at will.
  6. Keep the inside and outside of the commercial vacuum packaging machine clean, and remove the adhesive objects in the vacuum chamber in time.
  7. When the machine is not in use, the power should be cut off.
  8. Replace the vacuum pump oil in time.
  9. Keep the instruction manual in a safe place for future reference.
  10. This product is manufactured in accordance with the latest technical and safety standards and may be dangerous or cause injury if used improperly.
  11. Before starting the machine, it must be confirmed that the vacuum pump has been filled with two-thirds of the vacuum pump oil.
  12. In order to prevent the oil in the storage tank from overflowing into the oil mist filter during the transportation, the vacuum pump must be transported without oil.
Double vacuum room sealer
Double Vacuum Room Sealer

What requirements of the installation environment include?

  1. There should be no flammable or explosive gas in the surrounding environment.
  2. Ambient temperature: 5-30℃. If you need to operate the machine in other environments, please contact the manufacturer or supplier first.
  3. Air pressure of the environment: standard atmospheric pressure.
  4. Make sure the power supply environment meets the requirements (see the nameplate on the machine).
  5. The commercial food vacuum sealer must be kept upright when moving or transporting. Tilting the machine may damage the vacuum pump.
  6. Ensure the machine is placed on level ground which is one of the elements of trouble-free operation.
  7. In order to ensure heat dissipation, there must be enough space around the machine for good ventilation, at least 10cm spacing.
  8. Do not expose the machine directly to heat sources or steam appliances, such as steamers or stoves.
  9. Make sure there is enough space to change the vacuum pump oil or replace the consumables.
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