How do you package instant coffee?

March 01,2022

Instant coffee is a dry coffee extract obtained by evaporating the water in the coffee extract. To get instant coffee requires coffee beans to go through the process of selecting, cleaning, roasting, grinding, extraction, concentration, and drying. Instant coffee can be quickly dissolved in hot water, and it takes up less space and volume during storage and transportation. And it can store a long time. Different from the more complicated traditional coffee brewing methods, instant coffee has gained widespread popularity. How do you package instant coffee?

Making a cup of coffee
Making A Cup Of Coffee

What packing machine can be used to package ground coffee?

There are small bagged instant coffee and bottled instant coffee sold in the market. They need to match different packaging machines. For coffee powder in a stick bag and sachet, we supply two powder packing machines. One is a vertical coffee powder packing machine, suitable for a stick bag or sachet. The other one is a multi-lane stick bag packing machine that has more production output. They both can automatically fill powdery material into pouches, and seal the bags.

How to choose a suitable instant coffee bag packing machine?

Think about the question from the following aspect may give you some suggestions.

  1. Make sure the packaging bag type you want to get. Stick bag or sachet? Back center seal, 3-side seal, or 4-side seal?
  2. What gram do you want to package per bag?
  3. Do you have some idea about the bag length and width?
  4. How many bags do you want the equipment to produce per hour?
  5. Do you need a feeding machine to help you to convey material into hopper? Screw powder feeder and vacuum feeder are for choosing.
  6. Take the working space into account. Make sure the instant coffee packaging machine can put into.
  7. Do not ignore the quality for price.

Storage method of coffee

Close the bottle cap or seal the bag. Do not put it in a place where the sun is shining or in a humid place. If the coffee is stored in the refrigerator, condensation can affect the taste of the coffee. The method applies to coffee powder and beans. If you make a cup of instant coffee, it’s better to drink before becoming cold to get a good taste.

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