TH-350 automatic pillow packing machine sold to America

In July 2023, one American client bought one TH-350 automatic pillow packing machine for the chocolate package. Our pillow packaging machine has the advantages of wide applications, great performance and long service life. If you’re interested in this packaging machine, welcome to contact me!

Automatic pillow packing machine
Automatic Pillow Packing Machine

Requirements to package chocolate

Chocolate packaging dimensions
Chocolate Packaging Dimensions

According to the information provided by the customer, we know the material to be packaged is chocolate. And the chocolate size is 9.5cm*3.5cm*1.5cm(length, width and height), and the package size is 13.5cm*4.5cm*2cm(length, width and height).

Solution for the American client

Based on the dimensional requirements and packaging objectives provided by the customer, we recommended the 350 model automatic pillow packing machine. This model is perfectly adapted to the size of 13.5*4.5*2cm chocolate, providing an efficient and stable packaging solution.

Th-350 pillow type packaging machine in the factory
Th-350 Pillow Type Packaging Machine In The Factory

We sent a quote for the 350 model automatic pillow packaging machine to the customer to ensure that he had an idea of the price of the product. At the same time, we confirmed his port in order to prepare for the subsequent shipment. In order to let the customer have a better visualization of the appearance and function of the Model 350 Packaging Machine, we sent pictures of the product. The client checked and was so satisfied that he placed the order quickly.

Automatic pillow packing machine for America

ItemSpecifications Qty
Pillow packaging machineModel: TH-350
Film width: Max.350mm
Bag length: 120~280mm
Bag width: 50~160mm
Product height: Max.45mm
Film roll diameter: Max.320mm
Packing speed: 40~230 packs/min
Power specification: 220V, 50HZ, 2.6KVA
Machine size: (L)4020×(W)745×(H)1450
Machine mass: 900Kg
1 set
automatic pillow packing machine parameters

Notes: For ease of payment, this customer made a payment in RMB.Payment. The payment terms are 30% as prepayment and the rest before delivery.

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