TH-320 automatic paste filling machine helps Croatia rodenticide paste packaging

A Croatian customer contacted us wanting an automatic paste filling machine for the packaging of rodenticide cream products, and for their own needs, the following requirements:

Demand for precise canning of rodenticide cream

  • The customer needs to can 10-15g of rodenticide cream with four-sided sealing.
  • Our paste packaging machine should be equipped with stirring and heating functions to keep the paste uniform and easy to fill.

Automation and alarm system

  • An integrated date printing device is required to print the production date clearly on the bag.
  • Design and install the quantity counting alarm device, when the preset 15 packages are reached, the alarm will be issued automatically.

Voltage adaptation

  • The packaging machine for paste should comply with the European standard voltage specification, i.e. 220V/50HZ single-phase power supply.
Automatic paste filling machine
Automatic Paste Filling Machine

Our solution for Croatia

According to this customer’s needs, combined with his requirements, Tianhui provides an automatic paste filling machine solution that integrates mixing, heating, quantitative filling, four-side sealing, date printing as well as intelligent alarms.

In addition, we also ensure that the automatic paste filling machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain, and strictly complies with GMP standards for the whole machine design to ensure food safety and hygiene conditions. Specifically as follows:

Supporting equipment provided: paste mixer configuration

We provide a professional paste mixer with a capacity of 200kg to ensure that the paste is fully mixed before filling and maintains the appropriate temperature condition.

Packaging film customization solution

  • Packaging film specification design: According to his requirement, the bag size is 5x5cm, matching film width 12cm, reserving enough space for sealing.
  • Packaging film material and transparency: Transparent packaging film is selected, and the red cream is visible from the outside, enhancing the product’s display effect.
  • Printing details: Printing black font on the packaging film, including company name, cream ingredients and other information, highlighting the brand characteristics and product description.

Detailed automatic paste filling machine parameters

Rodenditice paste packing machine
Rodenditice paste packing machine
Packing speed:30-80bags/min
3 side seal type
Voltage:220v 50hz,1 phase
Customer request:
Rodenditice paste:10-15g
Including hopper, packing machine, English control screen, Electric eye tracking and
a set of spare part(cutting blade,heating pipe,Temperature sensing wire, relay, film pulling wheel)
Heating function and mixing function,
Date printer,alarm device
1 set
Flour and oil mixing machine
Flour and oil mixing machine
Capacity:200kg /time1 pc
Foil film material (PET/AL/PE)Roll film
Bag size:5x5cm
Film width 12cm
machine list for Croatia

Do you want to package all kinds of paste? If so, contact us for a customized solution and the best offer.

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