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Paste packing machine is suitable for all kinds of pasty material in pouches. This type of packaging equipment has a wide range of applications in condiments, jam, skincare, cosmetics, etc. It is a fully automatic packaging machine that can finish measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, and counting. The bag forming shapes include a 4-side seal sachet, 3-side seal sachet, or back center seal bag available. There are a lot of paste pump model for choosing, commonly including 5-50ml, 10-100ml, 30-300ml, 50-500ml, 100-1000ml, 250-2500ml, 300-3000ml, and 500-5000ml.

Sauce packing machine
Sauce Packing Machine

Fully automatic paste pouch packing machine for sale

The paste packaging machine is ideal automatic packaging equipment that is suitable for the sachet packing of various sauces, jam, chili sauce, face cream, shampoo, and so on. There are two types available for some different raw materials. One is the cone-shaped hopper type for the paste without granules or sediments. The other one is a U-type hopper which can package paste with sediments or particles. This is because the stirring device in a U-type hopper can make small granules and sediments more evenly. Besides, the filling part adopts an anti-drip device to keep the sealing side and working place clean.

Important parts of sauce paste packaging machine

The paste packing machine is composed of a material hopper, a PLC touch screen, paste pump, bag maker, roll film conveying system, sealing and cutting device, etc. No matter the cone-shaped hopper or U-type hopper, they both can add stirring device and heating devices based on the consistency, fluidity, and viscosity of the material. Its PLC touch screen is simple to set up running data. The paste pump connects a pipe to fill material. And the filling position reaches to packaging bag in order to keep the bag maker clean. It’s good for the using life of the sauce packing machine. For different packaging volume and weight, the bag maker need to change.

Sauce sachet packaging machine’s characteristics

  1. Simple operation, small occupied space, compact structure, reasonable design
  2. Low cost, high appearance, high efficiency, wide application, excellent packaging effect
  3. Fully automatically complete the whole packing process of bag making, filling, and sealing.
  4. Adopt PLC touch screen, intelligent and easy to set up using language, packaging speed, bag length, etc.
  5. It is equipped with an emergency button on the control panel.
  6. Add a protective cover around the cutter on back seal or three sides seal bag type paste packing machine. For four side seal bag type, there is two safety cover.
  7. The heating material hopper is double layers.
  8. Supporting customer service based on customer’s needs.

Suitable for various kinds of pasty material in bag

The is widely used in food and non-food pouch packaging. The common applicable raw materials are tomato sauce, chili sauce, honey, strawberry jam, blueberry jam, cosmetics, skincare, shampoo, condiments, and so on. There are lots of packaging styles for choosing, 4-side seal sachet, 3-side seal sachet, stick bag, continuous bags, flat cutting, sawtooth cutting, etc.

How does paste sachet packaging equipment work?

Why choose us to cooperate?

We have received a customer’s messages. He tell us he bought a sauce packaging machine from another company before contacting us. The sealing side always has the sauce so he had to wipe them before selling. How important to choose an excellent paste pouch packing machine! Our staff sends our machine’s video to him. It’s clear that our equipment has a cleaner sealing side and better packaging effect than that one. The paste filling and sealing equipment adopt an excellent anti-drip device in the filling system. This design can make the final product with a clean sealing side. Besides, our specialized staff will strictly inspect our machine before shipment. If you want to know your product’s packaging effect, we can test it by using the product from you, and we will send you the feedback later. In addition, we also provide sauce fillers and bottled paste filling production lines, including paste filler, bottle capping machine, carton sealing machine, etc.

Technical data of condiment packing machine

Bag styleBack seal/3-side seal/4-side sealBack seal/3-side seal/4-side seal
Packing speed24-60 bag/min30-60 bag/min
Bag length30-180mm30-280mm
Bag width25-145mm (Need to replace the bag maker)25-195mm (Need to replace the bag maker)
Power Consumption1.8kw 2.2kw

For some different packaging volumes, the packing equipment may need to change the bag maker and roll film. And if it’s four side seal type, the operator also needs to adjust the width of the vertical sealing device. It’s simple to operate.

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